'Winterbourne View - Time is Running Out': in the news

Sir Stephen Bubb’s report on the progress being made by the NHS six months after he published his original report outlining the reforms needed for the care of people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

This page collates of the media coverage of the his six month review (it is not a comprehensive summary as broadcast coverage was across the day on all BBC outlets ranging from Breakast TV to news bulletins and BBC Local Radio).

"It's a disgrace, the way we treat people with learning disabilities"

Sir Stephen discusses NHS Englands closure programme on the Victoria Derbyshire Show. Video credit of the BBC.


Sir Stephen's comments on the Today programme can be found at http://bbc.in/1N7k0WT (from 01:09:30 onwards)

Thousands still languishing in Winterbourne View-style 'asylums'

Daily Telegraph 14/07/2015 


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BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours

Phone in with Sir Stephen Bubb


Families of people with learning disabilities feel 'failed'

BBC (Web), Unattributed, 16/07/15

Hussain, Fauzia was almost immediately held in isolation.   It is outrageous that in the 21st Century we still treat people with learning disabilities and autism in this appalling way. Sir Stephen Bubb, Chief Executive, ACEVO   Dr Hussain says that until her niece was admitted she had been in full-time education and had never been restrained in her life.

Care of learning disability patients: Reform 'remains slow'

BBC Social Affairs Correspondent Alison Holt whose coverage included TV and radio packages and bulletin items for national and regional and local outlets

Vulnerable still waiting to move to care facilities

The MJ (Municipal Journal), p. 3, Jamie Hailstone, 16/07/15

'huge scepticism' over plans to close institutions for vulnerable people and move them into community care facilities. The chief executive of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO), Sir Stephen Bubb said there was an alarming absence of any tangible progress on the ground, six months after his report on the Winterbourne View hospital scandal. In a new

`No progress? on community improvements for people with learning disabilities, says head of NHS review

The Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy (Web), Robert Millett, 22/07/15

Community teams need better infrastructure to allow people with learning disabilities to move out of inpatient settings. Photo: Mencap    This is according to Sir Stephen Bubb who headed the 2014 review, published by NHS England’s Transforming Care and Commissioning Steering Group.    Mr Bubb, chief executive of the Association of Chief Executives of