Yorkshire Mediation

About Us

Yorkshire Mediation has been involved in dispute resolution within workplace and community situations for over 25 years. We work commercially with employers to settle workplace issues and use volunteers to provide a charitable service to Housing Associations across Yorkshire.

We are a not-for-profit Third Sector organisation, and as an employer you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the fees paid by you will be reinvested directly into Yorkshire communities, making lives better across the county.

When to Refer
Mediation can be introduced at any point in the life of a conflict, though in general it is more beneficial to refer early before positions become entrenched. However, ‘late’ referrals can still be useful and produce positive outcomes.

How to Refer
Referrals can be made by telephone or email. At the point of referral, we will take some basic case details and allocate a trained workplace mediator to the case.

It is important for the parties to have agreed to meet with a mediator and have a desire to improve their situation. A member of the Yorkshire Mediation team can talk to individuals to explain the process if this would be helpful.

The Mediation Process
Meetings will be arranged with each party involved in the dispute. These meetings will allow the mediator to discuss in confidence the circumstances of the dispute. Once individual meetings have been held a joint meeting will be arranged in a safe and confidential environment where each party will have the opportunity to express their concerns and to respond to each other. Confidentiality will only be breached where information is disclosed that raises serious concerns about the safety of any individual.

Meetings between parties and the mediator and the joint mediation meeting are usually arranged at a venue away from the immediate workplace. Larger organisations may have appropriate rooms available in a different part of the company complex; smaller organisations may wish to use an external venue away from the normal place of work.

Where possible Yorkshire Mediation will arrange initial meetings and the joint meeting on the same day and in any case within a week of each other; this helps to maintain the momentum and reduce the stress and anxiety that could be caused by a drawn out process.

Yorkshire Mediation will keep the employer informed of progress of the mediation. The employer will be informed when the process has been completed and the extent to which agreement has been reached between the parties. Detail of conversations within the mediation process will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to the employer unless explicitly requested by the parties involved.

Individual parties must commit to keeping all information received during the mediation process confidential and not to disclose it to anyone else. Any information or documents received or developed during the mediation process will not be used for any purpose other than resolving this conflict through mediation.

All discussions during the mediation process are “without prejudice”; nothing said by anyone during the process may be put forward as evidence in any subsequent internal determination process, appeal, Employment Tribunal or Court action. However, documents which would in any event need to be disclosed at either Employment Tribunal or Court hearing will not become privileged by reason of having been referred to in the mediation and will therefore still be liable to disclosure.

Mediation is a voluntary process and any Agreements reached are not binding in law.

Our Mediators
Our skilled and qualified mediators all have extensive experience in dispute resolution in workplace situations. The mediators will take all necessary steps to make sure that their impartiality is not compromised.

Special ACEVO Member Fee
Yorkshire Mediation supports charities by offering a discounted day rate. The charity rate is £550/day £300/half-day. For ACEVO members, there is an additional 10% discount (£495/£270). The full list of fees can be found here

Call Us
Please don’t hesitate to call the office if you wish to clarify issues before referring or discuss any case with regard to mediation. We also welcome telephone calls from employees or their representatives who want to make general enquiries. Contact Yorkshire Mediation on 0113 242 4110 or email.

Please ensure you have your ACEVO membership number to hand when you call. If you require your membership number, please do not hesitate to call on 020 7014 6000 or email the Membership Team.