‘Still some way to go’ on FPS

ACEVO Interim Chief Executive Asheem Singh said: “The announcement that the Fundraising Regulator(FR) will make small changes to the proposed model of operation for the FPS is welcome. We are encouraged that they have listened to ACEVO members’ concerns, however there is still some way to go.”

“It  remains unclear how the regulator will manage the lists of people who have opted out. Will they be held centrally or distributed individually to registered charities. How often will charities be expected to check against the list?

“These points were raised by ACEVO in its consultation response and were highlighted in the summary of responses produced by the FR, but it is as yet unclear when we will receive answers to these questions. 

“The danger is that vagueness results in more pointless bureaucracy for hard-pressed charities – and that means less energy going to support vulnerable people in these uncertain economic times.

“Over the next six months in the lead up to the launch of the FPS ACEVO will continue to work with the Fundraising Regulator to find the right answer for our members.

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