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We provide an inspiring, collective campaigning voice for our members. We represent our members' interests in key areas of importance to civil society and our members' work.

ACEVO helps to shape the agenda and ensure our members’ voices are heard by those who have the power to effect change. By stimulating debate, we lead the improvement of the sector and stronger leadership, and achieve political change by campaigning and pursuing reforms.

In November 2019 we published our general election manifesto, We Imagine Better. Read more about it here

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Since the outbreak began in the UK, ACEVO has been working in partnership with other infrastructure bodies to represent your interests. 

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Civil society leaders should have the confidence and freedom to campaign to meet their organisation’s charitable objectives.

person holding a sign that says the climate is changing so should we

We not only want to inspire and work alongside our members but also improve our internal procedures to tackle the climate crisis

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We want to drive change in the commissioning environment to help create a more balanced system that better serves communities.


We are constantly working to break down the barriers and bias that exist in our sector and create unequal workplaces. 


We believe that good regulation is enabling, inclusive and transparent, and balance enforcement and support. Their leadership teams include people with voluntary sector expertise.

person sitting down wearing a denim jacket, with their hands on their lap, you can't see their face. There's another person in the foreground, we can only see their hands also on their lap

We want to understand the conditions in which bullying occurs in the sector and use this understanding to create initiatives that will result in safer workplace cultures.

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Blogs by ACEVO’s policy team and external contributors, about the work we do internally as well as relevant initiatives led by key players in the sector.

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We work with our members, experts and specialist institutions, as well as other sector bodies, to investigate, research and report on subjects that directly relate to you and your work. 

Our members talk about their vision for a better society and why the current system is not working for so many people:

Watch Jo Todd talking about our policy work and the importance it has for her work and her sector.:

Not an ACEVO member?

If you have any queries please email or call 020 7014 4600.