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Vision, mission, values

Our vision: for civil society leaders to make the biggest possible difference.

Our mission: together with our network we inspire and support civil society leaders through connection, skills and influence.

Our values:


We involve our members and include them in our thinking. We are driven by their needs and their potential to achieve change.


We achieve more through bringing people together, building the relationships and networks that generate confidence and belief.


We promote a culture that celebrates our differences and where everyone is heard, respected and valued. We aim to create a space that is safe and welcoming.


We are bold, confident, energetic and vibrant. We are both agile and entrepreneurial in leading and supporting our members in the challenges ahead. 


We always act with integrity and in the best interests of our members. We do what we say we will do and are open about both our objectives and our impact.

Our strapline: imagine, inspire, improve

Effective leaders are driven by imagining a better, brighter, more equal world. Through their vision they inspire others. And together with their teams and peers they deliver impact – improving lives, our society and their own performance.

What ACEVO does and how it supports leaders of charities and social enterprises in England and Wales.

Our behaviours

These are the behaviours that the ACEVO staff team have co-produced and hold ourselves accountable to.

  • We are committed to a culture where every one in the team can be authentic.  We each play our part in ensuring that all our colleagues feel safe to bring their whole selves to work, to share as much as they choose about who they are and how they are feeling.  We respect each others’ boundaries. 
  • We trust each other to get on with the job.  We also trust our colleagues to ask for help when it is needed, and to offer their help when they can.
  • We assume good intent in each others’ actions and behaviours.  When something goes wrong we are prepared to give and receive constructive feedback and we don’t allow resentments or friction to go unresolved.
  • We make time for others, to enable them to share their priorities and concerns with us and to share our priorities and concerns with them.  We take personal responsibility for our individual contribution to making this a team (we put the ‘me’ in ‘team’).
  • We take time as a team and as individuals to reflect and learn and to look ahead and prepare. 
  • We own our mistakes and learn from them and we quickly forgive others for their mistakes when they do the same.  We are committed to a learning culture where everyone feels safe to share when something has gone wrong without fear of blame.
  • We adopt the principles of ask, learn and listen. We will not assume things about each other and we are open to being surprised. 
  • We encourage people to contribute in the ways that work for them so that everyone’s voice can be heard.  We are respectful of each others’ boundaries and preferences. 
  • We seek feedback in order to learn how to do this better. 
  • We actively listen so that colleagues feel heard. We strive to be patient, kind and understanding.
  • We regularly check in with our colleagues. We offer to help colleagues and to have awareness of their workload and their circumstances. 
  • We are mindful that others may be dealing with ‘stuff’ that we are not aware of.
  • We celebrate our successes and learn from our challenges by being together as a team.  We make opportunities to come together in ways that help us to build and maintain relationships outside of the work we do.
  • We are open and inclusive in our approach to social engagement with each other.  We understand that not everyone chooses to socialise in the same way, and we are keen to learn from our colleagues about what works for them. 

Not an ACEVO member?

If you have any queries please email or call 020 7014 4600.

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