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Our Leadership Worth Sharing podcast champions the dedication, professionalism, quality and expertise of civil society leaders and the role and impact they and their organisations have in public life. The podcast has an interview format, with ACEVO CEO Vicky Browning having lively conversations with guests sharing their personal leadership experiences and talking about what leadership means to them. 

Vicky talks to two leaders: Sarah Welsh and Debs McCahon, joint CEOs at Woodcraft Folk, a charity that runs cooperatively with children, young people and adults working together to learn about the world and develop skills and confidence. They talk about why the organisation decided to have two chief execs, and what it takes to do it successfully.

Vicky chats to Girish Menon, CEO of ActionAid UK, the charity that works with and supports women and girls living in poverty. They talk about how you run an organisation on feminist principles, reflective leadership and self-doubt, and how as CEOs we all need to be torchbearers for change.                                                             

Vicky meets Ruth Taylor, CEO of the Abortion Support Network, which provides information and support for women from Northern Ireland, Malta and Gibraltar who need to travel abroad to access an abortion. They talk about the power of stories, working with charity founders and how leaders need to work on the business, not in the business.

Vicky travels to Glasgow to meet Duncan Dunlop, CEO of Who Cares? Scotland, which supports, connects and advocates for care experienced people. They talk about listening to the voices of people with lived experience, how to turn an organisation into a movement, and what happens when you host a love rally in Glasgow.

In the third episode, Vicky meets Kate Lee, CEO of CLIC Sargent, to talk about the lies we tell ourselves that make us feel good as leaders, what true collaboration means, why we have to be brave in setting goals and learning from failure, and why we should be better at handling the hot potato that is charity chief executives’ salary.

Vicky meets Josh MacAlister, CEO of Frontline, to talk about why and how he started Frontline when he was still eligible for a young person’s railcard, how Nelson Mandela helped him tackle his self-doubt and how real leadership is about enabling freedom and responsibility and then getting out of the way.

For our first ever episode, ACEVO CEO Vicky Browning travels to Leeds to meet Alison Lowe, CEO of mental health and well-being charity Touchstone, as well as a local councillor. They talk about celebrating difference, mental health, co-production and how leaders need to give themselves permission to not be perfect.

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