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Diversity in the charity sector

Leading the way for the sector to truly represent and better serve our society.


Over the past few years increasing attention has been drawn to the lack of diversity at both senior leadership and board level in charities. This includes reports by Inclusive BoardsThe Charity Commission and Green Park alongside a number of opinion pieces in the sector press.

ACEVO also collects diversity data in its annual CEO Pay and Equalities Survey. For over 10 years the survey has found unacceptably low numbers of CEOs are from a black, Asian or minoritised ethnic background. In 2008 4.2% of respondents reported being from a BAME background, in 2018 the figure was 3%, rising slightly to 6% in the 2020 survey.

Our vision

Civil society leaders should be representative of the communities they operate in and the people they support. Anyone who seeks to become a civil society leader, or who is currently a leader, should have the same opportunities for career development.

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