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CEO in Crisis

aren't alone


With pressure and expectation from all sides, being a CEO can sometimes be a lonely and difficult experience.

Sometimes when a CEO’s relationship with the chair has broken down they need support in trying to repair the relationship. Alternatively, a CEO may believe their job is at risk and want to understand their rights and options.

Our CEO in Crisis service supports you when you believe your job is at risk. We will guide and support you in strict confidence, clarify your rights and options, and help you build a plan of action. We offer comprehensive and tailored support, including legal and emotional advice* when needed. The first step to access our confidential CEO in Crisis service is to fill a referral form. We will get back to you within three working days to schedule an initial assessment.

*legal advice and emotional support delivered by a third party will only be available after three months of being in membership.

When things get difficult for you, either with your teams or in your relationship with your chair or trustees, we aim to help resolve issues as early as possible. Our partners, the TCM Group, has a team of experts to help you resolve complex and challenging disputes effectively with minimum disruption. TCM has a record of resolving 93% of disputes referred to them, such as grievances, complaints and allegations of bullying and harassment, in a swift and effective way.

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