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DBS checks

Online background screening for recruitment with a discount

How we make background screening easy for business

ACEVO DBS vetting and screening service, powered by uCheck, allows you to efficiently process multiple background screening checks in a matter of minutes.

ACEVO members get free access to uCheck’s online platform, saving you £49 + VAT!

This solution is a complete screening management system, tracking each stage a check is at and providing a repository of all results that you can refer back to.

I am a regular user of the ACEVO DBS online service. The platform is very user-friendly and product selection, workflow and navigation are all self-explanatory. The online support is excellent, every member of this team have been approachable, professional and effective. I have used other online platforms in the past and I would thoroughly recommend your service.

Enhanced DBS check £42.80 incl. VAT / Basic DBS check £22.80 incl. VAT

Holdups in DBS processing can be painful and halt recruitment, delaying bringing staff onboard and getting teams to full strength. That impacts your charity.

We remove as many problems as possible before they cause a delay. With prompts, guidance, and data verified at time of entry, it avoids DBS checks being rejected due to entry errors. Our average turnaround time to complete a DBS check is just 48 hours, and our record is just 61 minutes!

Right to work check £6 incl. VAT

You should never make assumptions about a person’s eligibility to work in the UK or their immigration status. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to carry out checks on all prospective employees.

Right to Work Checks are an essential part of the recruitment process, enabling your business to verify that potential employees are eligible to work in the UK. By conducting these checks, you can help to avoid fines from the Home Office of up to £45,000, as well as avoiding the need to re-recruit and adding to your recruitment costs.

Identity check £6 incl. VAT

In an ideal world, every candidate applying for a role would be truthful. However, that’s not always the case and sometimes a person may not tell the truth about who they are.

Identity Checks are a type of electronic identification check designed to verify a prospective employee’s identity. These checks can help protect your organisation from fraud and give you an extra level of confidence in the people who have access to sensitive information.

We offer real-time live checks of online databases including the electoral roll, death register, telephone lists, and credit reference agencies, ensuring that candidates are who they say they are.

Adverse credit check £6 incl. VAT

Have new employees with access and control of cash, bank accounts, and other valuables? Putting the wrong person in charge could potentially lead to financial fraud and theft from your workplace.

An Adverse Credit Check shows you if someone has experienced some types of financial issues previously. A check is made for evidence of an IVA/CCJ or bankruptcy. You can usually expect results in under an hour and the details provided in the case of any issue include dates and amounts, allowing you to make a fair decision about risk.

Please note – loan and credit data is not shown as this can’t be legally shared.

Digital identity check £3.60 incl. VAT

Digital Identity Verification is a supporting service for all levels of DBS Checks that offers a fully digital way to verify a prospective employee’s identity.

Instead of showing you a physical identity document, they can provide the same information digitally, helping you benefit from speedier results, reduced chance of human error, and the ability to check IDs from over 200 different countries!

I have found the service incredibly user-friendly and it has made checking our volunteers and new staff much quicker than before. Often we receive next day results and thus the recruitment process is much more efficient than using a paper application system.

If you’re already an uCheck customer, ask your account manager to switch you to the ACEVO offer.

Key benefits of using our online vetting service:

  • Quick and easy registration 
  • A simple online process which takes less than five minutes to request a disclosure
  • Hassle-free administration with virtually no queries
  • Fast turnaround – enhanced disclosures completed in as little as 24 hours
  • All members benefit from the best rates regardless of the number of checks your organisation performs.

Our online system allows two users from each organisation to request disclosures and have access to results. If an organisation requires more than two users there is a small charge of £1.00 + VAT per additional user.

For details on how you can get started, please call Jasmine Butcher on 0300 140 0022 or email

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