ACEVO welcomes Labour setting up the Sherlock Review on the Lobbying Act

On Tuesday 6 May Stephen Twigg MP announced that Labour would ask Lady Sherlock to review the alternatives to the government’s Lobbying Act. ACEVO wrote to the political party leaders in February to ask them to commit to repeal the Act.


Commenting on Labour’s establishment of the Sherlock Review, an ACEVO spokesperson said:


“ACEVO welcomes Labour’s announcement of the Sherlock Review. The Lobbying Act was an unjustifiable attack on charities’ ability to speak out for the people they serve.

“We look forward to working with Labour to safeguard charities’ free speech, and we hope the other parties will show similar initiative. We will make clear that the focus should be on less red tape for the third sector, not more. Our policy activity is already regulated by the Charity Commission so Labour will need to be careful not to add to the burden of rules for campaigners.” 



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