New Charity Audit Spotlight Report from Charity Financials sponsored by Kingston Smith

Using valuable data from Charity Financials, this new Charity Audit Spotlight Report examines the audit market which includes the top UK 5,000 charities.

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This new report is sponsored by Kingston-Smith and provides numerous interesting insights, including:

  • BDO has overtaken Baker Tilly into third spot in the ranking for most audit fees received. It now receives £4.33m, up from £4.21m six months ago;
  • Crowe Clark Whitehill (CCW) still receives the most in fees, and has increased its revenue by 2.4% over the past six months, while Baker Tilly still has the most clients, though the number of organisations it works with is down by 18;
  • The largest charity to change its auditor was the Institute of Cancer Research, which has an annual income of £103.9m and moved from CCW to Grant Thornton;
  • The biggest audit contract to change hands since the last report was at Camphill Village Trust, where Sayer Vincent took over from Mazars. The Trust paid £100,000 for its latest audit, up from £42,000 the previous year.

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About Charity Financials

Charity Financials is the only fully interactive online platform containing the latest available financial information on UK charities, along with key contacts and league tables. It provides a unique overview of the total charity sector over financial, causal, beneficiary and geographical areas.

Charity Financials defines the charitable marketplace through a range of data products, financial websites and magazines providing essential knowledge and insight on the charitable environment.

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