ACEVO welcomes Etherington Review recommendations

We support the principle of a replacement regulator which is accountable to parliament. This is will introduce fresh oversight and real safeguards that should give the public comfort.  Retaining the self-regulation principle is right as it will ensure that these measures can be implemented expeditiously at minimum cost to the public purse. This proposal strikes the right balance.


We welcome the principle of a Fundraising Preference Service. Giving the public a more accessible and clearer control over who they wish to be contacted by in future is clearly desirable. The charity-giving public will welcome such a measure.


What needs to happen now is a proper discussion about implementation. We need to ensure that all voices are at the table as we discuss important matters such as the full extent of the body’s powers and the precise mechanisms of the regime’s funding. These discussions need to be held quickly to ensure that sensible and proportionate reform is adopted.



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