ACEVO Reaction to the Spending Review

Commenting on the spending review ACEVO Chief Executive Sir Stephen Bubb said: “What thought has been given to the consequences of these major cuts on charities and the millions they serve? There was no evidence of that in this statement. Charities provide the essential cohesion that our society needs, particularly now. They are the glue that holds communities together. It’s our civil society that is so admired around the world and which makes Britain great.

“And in particular, charities are a safety net which make a crucial difference to people’s lives. That is why any cuts made that affect charities’ ability to deliver services are so damaging. There is no doubt these cuts will undermine charities.

“We welcome the changes on mental health. And we welcome the proposals on social care. But will councils keep that money to themselves whilst social care charities collapse? Social services directors themselves say this new money is not enough. Charities know that it is not enough, particularly with increases in the National Living Wage.

Swinging cuts to local councils could fatally undermine local charities. When the Chancellor devolves business rates to councils we want him to protect charity relief. If the councils abolish this relief it will dangerously undermine hundreds of local charities and good causes.  What effect will cuts of 14 per cent have on the Department for Work and Pensions and the services needed to help the hardest to reach back into work?

I’m delighted there was to be no raid on the Big Lottery Fund. The joint ACEVO/NVCO campaign against this was successful.” 

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