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MPs to discuss motion to extend Freedom of Information Act to charities

ThirdSector (Web), Liam Kay 1 Comment, 18/01/16

how charities spent public money.     The charity chief executives body Acevo and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations  have both warned against extending legislation to include charities.    Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of Acevo, said the idea would be a “blunderbuss approach” that would be a “difficult and overwhelming obligation” for many charities.    In a statement


Can a charity be run like a business?

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 14/01/16

which are costly. Greater control by users needs more ability from practitioners and skilled, professional leadership which, increasingly, chief executives in the sector cannot provide.    It is heartening that ACEVO and NCVO are discussing how to promote better public understanding of the sector but, by encouraging the belief that charities should be run like businesses, both organisations bear some


What is the least worst option for funding the Charity Commission?

Civil Society (Web), Andrew Purkis, 13/01/16

numbers of charities who have little money and no staff at all? It has always been important to the Commission (and perhaps to many Parliamentarians) that the Commission, unlike NCVO, Acevo et al, is not dominated by the perspective of charities with staff and significant money who make the most noise. The Commission has always been acutely conscious of the


FOI and private firms

The Daily Telegraph, p. 17, Unattributed, 14/01/16

 SIR – Stephen Bubb (Comment, January 11) makes a compelling case for why charities should be exempt from Freedom of Information requests, but overlooks the much bigger issue, which is that private – full text beneath

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