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New chair for voluntary sector governance code steering committee

Charity Times (Web), Unattributed, 12/02/16

Charity Commission. She now works as a governance and regulatory adviser to charities and is currently on the board of Charity Finance Group.   The code is jointly owned by NCVO, ACEVO, SCC, ICSA, and WCVA and supported by the Charity Commission and the Clothworkers’ Company.   The unpaid appointment will see Chapman ensure the code continues to be developed in a


Top charities meet to discuss how to improve reputation of the charity sector

Civil Society (Web), David Ainsworth, 12/02/16

to improve the public reputation of the charity sector, following a series of critical articles in the media.  The event was hosted at the Society Building in London by infrastructure bodies Acevo and NCVO, and is the latest in a series of steps being jointly taken by the two bodies to improve communications about the charity sector as a whole.  Following the


Charities urge David Cameron to reconsider grant clause insertion

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 11/02/16

actually cost the taxpayer more money through limiting the range of insight that policymakers can draw upon”.   The document, which is signed by the heads of charity umbrella bodies including Acevo, the NCVO, the Charity Finance Group and Navca, has also been signed by Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, which was held up in the government’s press release at


Demise of Kids Co is compelling study in leadership and communications

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 12/02/16

decision, and they really need to have been good because it really left them open to further criticism because of the vacuum of leadership it created. It didn’t help having Sir Stephen Bubb stepping in for them as it was impossible for him to respond with any confidence on the specific allegations and left him sounding defensive about a supposed


Charity leaders call on PM to rethink anti-advocacy clause in grant agreements

Charity Times (Web), Unattributed, 11/02/16

the NHS, and the fight against female genital mutilation.   Signatories question the level of understanding of how much important activity would be made impossible by the clause.   Acevo chief executive Sir Stephen Bubb said the proposed clause “makes no sense in logic and is a direct assault on the cause of social justiceâ€?.   “Government is right to work with charities


Charity sector calls on Prime Minister to overturn anti-advocacy clauses

Civil Society (Web), Kirsty Weakley, 11/02/16

and since then several people have come out against the measure, including a senior Conservative MP.   Today’s letter to David Cameron was co-ordinated by NCVO. It has been signed by Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of Acevo, Sir Stuart Etherington, chief executive of NCVO, John Low, chief executive of Charities Aid Foundation and Caron Bradshaw, chief executive of Charity Finance


Charities attack curbs on lobbying

The Times, p. 12, Michael Savage, 11/02/16

Britain’s biggest charities have told David Cameron that the fight against extremism will be damaged by new rules preventing them from using taxpayers’ money to lobby ministers.   More than 100 charity executives, including the heads of Oxfam, Scope, ActionAid, Mencap and Save the Children, have signed the letter.   They told the prime minister that the proposed rules flew in the

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