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Charity Commission says guidance on EU campaigning not affected by complaints
Third Sector (Web), Rebecca Cooney, 07/03/2016

charities to advocate a particular outcome in the referendum. This fails to recognise that the otherwise generally accepted view that the EU referendum is a constitutional issue with cross-generational significance. Asheem Singh, director of public policy at the charity leaders group Acevo , said: “It is remarkable that the Charity Commission has aligned itself with those quoted in the Telegraph


Acevo asks Shawcross to explain connections with ‘sock puppet’ think tank
Civil Society (Web), Hugo Radojev, 07/03/2016

correspondence between William Shawcross , chair of the Charity Commission (pictured), Gwythian Prins, a trustee of the regulator and Christopher Snowdon, head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs; Sir Stephen Bubb , chief executive of Acevo has called on Shawcross to clarify his position and answer a number of questions. “The redacted communications raise a number of questions which


Regulator’s board member was asked by William Shawcross to talk to Sock Puppet think tank

Third Sector (Web), Andy Ricketts, 07/03/2016

all new or renewed grant agreements with central government stating that the funding could not be used to fund activity intended to attempt to influence parliament, government or political parties.Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of the charity leaders body Acevo , said the emails raised a number of questions.”First, why did William Shawcross direct Gwythian Prins to engage with


Outrage over charity chief’s ‘complicity’ in move to limit voluntary sector lobbying
The Observer, p. 9, Jamie Doward, 06/03/2016 

other words, the IEA is the tobacco industry’s sock puppet here. This policy change will only serve to increase corporate influence while silencing those acting in the public interest.” Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, urged Prins and Shawcross to clarify their roles “or risk having trust in the commission irreparably


Mental health in the spotlight – again
Healthcare Market News, p. 1, Unattributed, 01/03/2016

mental health can fit into the NHS Five-Year Forward View, the Crisp Report on the provision of acute adult inpatient psychiatric care (page 16) and, as HMn went to press, Sir Stephen Bubb published his final review of services for people with learning disabilities in the wake of Winterbourne View. All are backed by considerable research, experience and expertise, all


Gina Miller’s True and Fair Foundation report urges inquiry into charity efficiency
Third Sector (Web), Andy Hiller, 04/03/2016

average, charities with incomes of more than £1m spend 11 per cent on income generation and governance, but that figures is 22 per cent for the 50 largest charities analysed. Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of Acevo, said: “Charity leaders will object to another dubious report with assertions that bear little relation to the facts and whose recommendations serve merely


Protect LD people from abuse
Epsom Guardian, p. 39, Unattributed, 03/03/2016 

THIS week we heard of the recommendations from Sir Stephen Bubb stating the need for a learning disability commissioner to protect the rights of people with learning disabilities (LD). We also read in the Epsom Guardian of the

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