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Charity leaders warn Cabinet Office that anti-advocacy proposal would be a ‘backwards step’

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 05/05/16

government proposals to prevent charities in receipt of government grants from lobbying in Parliament, would adversely affect disadvantaged groups.Last month the government announced that it was “pausing on implementation”. NCVO, Acevo and Social Enterprise UK have previously spoken out against the clause and Shelter has written to Hancock to ask him to stop using the charity as an example of


Charity bodies urge Cabinet Office to reconsider anti-lobbying clause

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 05/05/16

in due course.Rob Wilson, the Minister for Civil Society, has previously rejected claims that the new clause breaches the Compact.The National Council for Voluntary Organisations, the charity chief executives body Acevo and Social Enterprise UK have also today written a joint letter to the Cabinet Office setting out what they believe a review of the clause should cover.The three bodies


Editorial: A significant climbdown on the anti-lobbying clause

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 05/05/16

charities minister, Rob Wilson, who has argued strongly in favour of the clause.    The climbdown is the result of determined pressure by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations , Acevo , Social Enterprise UK , the Charity Finance Group and others. They have argued consistently and with good evidence that the clause is a breach of the Compact, which


Sector bodies call for athorough and opena consultation on proposed Govt grant clause

Charity Times (Web), Unattributed, 05/05/16

Matt Ritchie  05/05/2016     Sector bodies have called for a ‘œthorough and open’? consultation on proposed restrictions on the work of charities in receipt of Government grants.   NCVO, Acevo, and Social Enterprise UK have written to the Cabinet Office setting out what a consultation on the clause should cover.   The Government has proposed inserting a clause into all


Asheem Singh on BBC South talks of importance of community

BBC South 16’57” into programme

Asheem Singh makes ACEVO contribution to BBC South’s ‘Community Day’ in which their evening programme explored the importance of community voice, influence and activity in the delivery of services in partnership with local and central government


Charities put money into group to help combat negative media coverage

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 04/05/16

could use to help explain how they work would be presented to a group of charity chief executives at a meeting hosted by the NCVO and the charity leaders body Acevo in June.A website aimed at telling the public how charities work was also being created, she said, and would be launched in the early summer.Asked why the BHF decided


Government moves on anti-advocacy clause, grant scrutiny

Voluntary News (Web), Unattributed, 04/05/16

ahead of the introduction of the ‘anti-advocacy’ clause into grant agreements.This government has succeeded in uniting the entirety of the British voluntary sector against it.while a joint statement from NCVO, ACEVO and Social Enterprise UK”continue(s) to call for the full and immediate withdrawal of this policy”. They have also asked the government to consider a formal consultation with the charity

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