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Where do charities stand on the European Union Referendum?
Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 22/06/16

and has previously called on the Leave campaign to explain how it would make up for the sector losing out on £200m of EU funding. Responding to the minister’s piece, Asheem Singh, interim chief executive at Acevo, said: “It is not for me to suggest how people should vote but we must be clear of the potential harmful social impact


Sector pays tribute to murdered MP Jo Cox
ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 17/06/16

the death of Jo Cox MP, a valued former work colleague.”Peter Kyle, the Labour MP for Hove and Portslade and a former deputy chief executive at the charity leaders body Acevo, said on Twitter : “My heart and my soul are with the beautiful and powerful @Jo_Cox1. There no other words I can offer right now.”Asheem Singh, interim chief executive


Tributes paid to Jo Cox
Charity Times (Web), Unattributed, 17/06/16

Children on their UK activities. She had also worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   Charity leaders’™ network Acevo also paid tribute to the committed campaigner. Interim chief executive Asheem Singh said in a statement: ‘œThe death of Jo Cox has left us numb. Our hearts go out to her husband and children. Public service and the charity sector


Outgoing charities chief Stephen Bubb warns of “toxic” relationship between government and third sector
Civilserviceworld (Web), Unattributed, 16/06/16

Exclusive: Outgoing head of charity leaders’ network ACEVO slams Cabinet Office over plans to support private business using civil society funds Sir Stephen Bubb, the outgoing chief executive of the charity leaders’ network ACEVO, has raised concerns that money designed to support charities could be “leached into the private sector”, as


City’s charity conference succeeds for sixth year
Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce (Web), Unattributed, 15/06/16

seminars, workshops and networking. The programme featured a series of speakers addressing a range of topical issues, including a national view on the true value of the charity sector from ACEVO Chair Paul Farmer, who encouraged everyone to think about what they are proud of in their charity and to tell their story of how lives have been impacted through


Aiming to build a supported living service based on a positive recognition of abilities
Learning Disability Today (Web), Unattributed, 16/06/16

people’s disabilities but what I, Professor Carpenter and everyone else at MyLife aim to do is to build a service based on abilities.It was heartening to see PBS recognised in Sir Stephen Bubb’s February report, ‘The Time for Change – The Challenge Ahead’. He is right that we need a national accreditation scheme delineating set standards of practice. I would


Lucy Caldicott: Where’s the charity voice on the EU referendum?
ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 14/06/16

been thrown down to those in favour of leaving to prove how access to funding or protections for their beneficiaries would not be damaged in the event of Brexit. The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations demanded that the leave camp promise to replace any lost EU funding and reassure charities about potential changes to regulations that protect the


Peter Kyle: My journey
FE Week (Web), Unattributed, 13/06/16

intervention during the final days of the Blair government.The next step for Kyle was a move into the third sector, when he took over as the deputy chief executive of Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) in 2007.  Unattributed [sourcelink]


Lesley-Anne Alexander to chair judging panel for Third Sector Awards
ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 08/06/16

of Most Admired Chief Executive at the Third Sector Awards for her stewardship of the sight-loss charity and her work representing the sector during her six-year term as chair of Acevo, the body for charity leaders. Earlier this year, she also spoke out against the 50 largest fundraising charities being asked to contribute £15,000 each to the start-up costs of


PETER LEWIS AND PETER HILLS-JONES “Being custodian of the Code put the IoF in a very difficult position; it gave us a starting position that wasn’t exactly full of integrity”
Fundraising (Civil Society), p. 22, Unattributed, 01/06/16

trust in fundraising? PL: We’ve got new guidance coming on the back of the CC20 [the Charity Commission’s updated fundraising guidance], which will be a toolkit for charities alongside NCVO, Acevo and CFG. There will also be a guide about how charities can have a strong relationship with fundraising agencies, which will be coming out soon. PHJ: The IoF has


Sector response to public criticism has been weak, says Etherington
Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 06/06/16

do something. If we felt they didn’t have any real resonance then we were very robust in our defence.”In response to a question from the audience, Etherington also questioned why Acevo had made a statement in relation to the EU Referendum as “it is very difficult to quantify the impact of In or Out”.He said NCVO originally intended to research


Umbrella bodies to produce factsheets for journalists on how to report on charities
ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 06/06/16

guidance could be useful and could end up receiving similar credibility to the reporting guidance the Samaritans produced around suicide.The NCVO has also been working with the chief executives body Acevo as well as the Institute of Fundraising and the Charities Aid Foundation to set up a cross-sector group of charity heads of media.Chloe Stables, external relations manager at the


NCVO won’t advise charities over EU vote because it is too difficult to ‘quantify the impact of in or out’
ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 06/06/16

monetary value on the potential reduction on the regulatory environment, such as employment regulation, especially when the sector itself will be divided about that anyway?”His comments came the day after Asheem Singh, interim chief executive of the charity leaders body Acevo, wrote to Michael Gove, the justice secretary, and the former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, demanding the


Has charities’ response to media criticism really been `toothless and incoherent’? Well, yes
Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 02/06/16

the press are going to keep writing about charities, unless something else dramatic happens.  There’s no doubt that Lundie’s right and the response so far has been weak. From conversations with Sir Stephen Bubb of Acevo and Sir Stuart Etherington of NCVO, it’s obvious that they’re deeply dissatisfied with the way big charities have responded. They feel hampered and unhappy because


Acevo makes demands of Brexit campaigners
ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 02/06/16

Commission allowed charities to play a role in what he said was the “most important policy question of our generation”.     Singh, who took over the leadership of Acevo from Sir Stephen Bubb this week, said today in a statement: “No matter how much one may sympathise with the romance of a Brexit position, the risk to our communities is


Charity commitments sought from Gove, IDS if Vote Leave succeeds
Charity Times (Web), Unattributed, 02/06/16

UK quitting the European Union have been called upon to make commitments to help the charity sector in the event of the referendum delivering a ‘˜leave’™ vote.   Acevo chief executive Asheem Singh has written to Conservative MPs and Vote Leave campaigners Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith, seeking assurances on the treatment of charities post-referendum.   Singh called on the Brexit


Editorial: New blood urgently needed on the Charity Commission’s board
ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 01/06/16

an opportunity to dilute the perception, which has registered as a concern among existing board members, that they are all ardent right-wingers intervening constantly in operational matters or – as Asheem Singh interim head of the chief executives body Acevo rather cruelly put it last week – that the board is “little more than a chat room for its chair.”The


Commission concerns
Charity Finance, p. 14, Unattributed, 01/06/16

Wilson, minister for civil society, telling him that the governance of the Charity Commission needed to be looked into “as a matter of urgency”. The week before, chief executives body Acevo called for an inquiry into the conduct of one of the board members. These sentiments appear to be the tip of the iceberg. Former staff and board members at


The procurement puzzle
Charity Finance, p. 40, Unattributed, 01/06/16

these policies in place gives confidence to both trustees and to donors that the charity is spending money in the right way. She says: “We’ve been having conversations with NCVO, Acevo and CFG about getting the message out to the senior leadership within the charity sector that having a good procurement strategy could actually have more impact for your organisation,


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