Government reorganisation is chance for reform – ACEVO CEO Asheem Singh

Charity and Social Enterprise Leaders: Government reorganisation is chance for reform – ACEVO CEO Singh

 Commenting on the move of the Office for Civil Society to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport – and on the retention of Rob Wilson MP as Minister for Civil Society, ACEVO CEO Asheem Singh said:

 “We congratulate Rob Wilson on the continuation of his term as Minister for Civil Society. He has the opportunity to be a ‘bigger fish’ in the pond at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. We hope he uses this to his advantage and makes the case for a better understanding of the sector, not only across government, but throughout wider society.

 “Social sector leadership is at the heart of civic renewal and the key to more human, more responsive public services. Moving the department from the cabinet office must not mean removing the opportunity to play a cross-cutting role across delivery and community engagement. There will need to be additional reforms. For a start, that third sector teams in key departments will need to be beefed up.

 “Now more than at any other time in recent history it will be essential to build bridges and re-unite the country. The Government needs to embrace our world-leading generation of charity and social enterprise leadership. Some will equate the displacement of the Office for Civil Society from the Cabinet Office with its marginalisation.  This need not be the case but, we along with the Minister, will monitor the situation closely.

 “Recent weeks have explicitly revealed the depth and range of the divisions in our society. And whether it is protecting the vulnerable, improving public services or fighting the scourge modern slavery, social leaders and the social change they and their organisations bring about hold the key to healing those divisions.”

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