Theresa May: – ‘time to heal’ urge civil society leaders

The civil society leaders’ network ACEVO looks forward to working with Theresa May as the nation faces the challenges of the Brexit era. Her credentials as a champion for the vulnerable and necessary are reflected in her past and present contributions ranging from Chair of the Conservative Disability Group, Minister for Women and Equalities and her continued drive to end modern slavery.


Her commitment to ending this scourge has been central. It is a campaign which has been supported from the start by civil society and, indeed, the Government has always recognised the primacy of civil society in providing services to victims of modern slavery. We hope that Theresa May will bring this appreciation of the sector’s value to her new role.

As the longest serving Home Secretary in a century Mrs May demonstrates a resilience, determination and statesmanship which will be essential to cross the multiple divisions made explicit in the Referendum – divisions personal, local, regional, national, international and across the political spectrum.

ACEVO will work unstintingly to help Theresa May achieve her expressed ambition to reunite those who have either felt the despair of neglect or the frustrations of dispossession in the national debate.

ACEVO will engage with the new Prime Minister to help establish the new political settlement that is so clearly needed between our Government and the people. Harnessing the voice and expertise of its network, it will liaise with her Brexit team to protect essential income streams, regulatory protection and propose a revolution in the engagement with the third sector.

The latter, for example, could include a sea-change in the scope of the sector to bring public service delivery to those that need it most, particularly by revolutionising the process of commission and procurement, the nature of which often handicap the sector’s strategic contribution to the public good.

ACEVO Chief Executive Asheem Singh said:

“There are many issues and concerns confronting how society, and civil society in particular, will work in the future. Who will work in our care and health sector? What might be the deficits of the financial and regulatory protection of the vulnerable and good causes? What are the opportunities to be gained from greater tax and procurement autonomy? What are the dangers of Brexit being used as camouflage for a reduction in the allocation of resources beneath the centre?


“ACEVO and its unique network of civil society leaders are on hand to provide the new Government and the Brexit team with real time information on what is happening on the front line and offer solutions for the issues that emerge. But most importantly ACEVO will use every resource to connect our communities with our Government. Civil society leaders and their organisations work at the heart of all communities geographical and political. They represent a unique asset at this time when the need for healing and inclusion across our nation has never been greater.”

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