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ACEVO names new CEO

Charity Times (Web), Main, Unattributed, 15/11/2016

from 30 to more than 500 charities and quadrupling income. Her background is in journalism, publishing and PR. Vicky will join ACEVO on January 30, 2017, replacing interim Chief Executive Asheem Singh ‘œI’™m genuinely excited to be joining ACEVO, the charity leaders’™ network, at a time when the role of charities, and the need for inspirational leaders, is more vital


David Ainsworth: Why does NCVO want a merger with Acevo, and will it get one?

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 14/11/16

Lewis didn’t hold back. He made it apparent that he was frustrated with what he saw as a clear failure of leadership and resolve at Acevo.  Two days later Sir Stephen Bubb – chief executive of Acevo until earlier this year, and necessarily a leading component in that putative sandbagging – launched a robust counter attack. He said that


Acevo appoints Vicky Browning as chief executive

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 14/11/16

Acevo appoints Vicky Browning as chief executive:Acevo has appointed Vicky Browning as its next chief executive, after Sir Stephen Bubb stood down earlier this year.  The membership body for charity chief executives today announced that Browning will start in January next year. Browning is currently director of


CharityComms director Vicky Browning departs to head charity leaders network

PR Week UK (Web), Unattributed, 14/11/16

Executives of Voluntary Organisations – has around 1,400 members, all of whom are senior leaders at charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. It employs 17 staff.  Former ACEVO CEO Sir Stephen Bubb left the role earlier this year after 16 years at the organisation’s helm.  Prior to joining CharityComms in 2010, Browning was a freelance consultant, and before


Acevo appoints new chief executive

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 14/11/16

Acevo appoints new chief executive:The charity leaders body selects Vicky Browning, director of CharityComms, to succeed Sir Stephen Bubb  Vicky Browning  The charity leaders body Acevo has appointed Vicky Browning, director of the communications network CharityComms , as its next chief executive.  Browning,


Minister for civil society meetings focus on youth and social investment

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 14/11/16

met with them on a number of occasions in the past twelve months.  In the last year he has held 124 meetings but has not met at all with Acevo or the Charity Finance Group. He has also not met with the Institute of Fundraising since last December, or Navca since last September.  Between April and the end


Scope welcomes appointment of Vicky Browning as ACEVO chief executive

Scope UK (Web), Unattributed, 14/11/16

Scope welcomes appointment of Vicky Browning as ACEVO chief executive:Responding to news that ACEVO (Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations) have appointed Vicky Browning as its chief executive, Mark Atkinson, chief executive at disability charity Scope said:  “Vicky has done a brilliant job


In this issue Contents

Charity Times, p. 4, Unattributed, 01/11/16

to the regions Devolution has the potential to benefit charities and their service users, but a good outcome for the sector is not guaranteed 21 Making the most of devolution Acevo’s Kristiana Wrixon says devolution has the potential to be transformational, and there is a role for charities of all sizes 22 Power to the People? Navca chief executive Neil


Making the most of devolution

Charity Times, p. 21, Unattributed, 01/11/16

Devolution has the potential to be transformational and there is a role for charities and voluntary groups of all sizes WRITTEN BY KRISTIANA WRIXON, HEAD OF RESEARCH AT ACEVO n its keynote report ‘Remaking the State,’ Acevo calls for a ‘community first’ test to be applied in the commissioning and procurement process. The test would specify weighting for


Former Acevo leader hits back at NCVO chair over merger criticism

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 10/11/16

Former Acevo leader hits back at NCVO chair over merger criticism:Lewis steps down as chair of NCVO on 21 November after six years in the role. During his last public appearance


Mark Flannagan: Sir Martyn Lewis is induling in navel-gazing

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 09/11/16

navel-gazing:Mark Flannagan  I was a little annoyed by the call from the outgoing chairman of the National Council for Voluntary Action for it to form its own version of Acevo ( Third Sector, 8 November ). Not just because I think his view completely misses the point of having a leadership body for charity chief executives, but also because,

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