Charity leaders condemn revived proposals to pay for regulation through gifts to charity

The charity leaders’ network ACEVO has today expressed its concern at renewed proposals from the Charity Commission Chairman William Shawcross to pay for his organisation through the charitable donations of the British people.

In sector-wide polls, 75 per cent of charity leaders have previously argued that it would be a negative development which would threaten the independence of the regulator. In the Charity Commission’s own poll from 2015, 68% of charities were opposed to any form of charging for the Charity Commission.

ACEVO recognises that the Commission’s funding has reduced by £8 million 2010 to less than £20 million a year whilst seeing its caseload almost double. But at the top of the Commission’s website is the logo GOV.UK. It is an independent regulator funded by taxation and so it should remain.

ACEVO interim Chief Executive Asheem Singh said: “The Charity Commission, despite overwhelming, principled opposition, seems determined to cannibalise further the charitable donations of the British people and ensure that as little as possible goes to the front line.

“The last thing that the public wants is for their hard earned donations to be spent on more administrative staff on civil service salaries working for Mr William Shawcross. 

“People do not give generously to charity in order to fund work that should properly be paid for by government.

“Charities have in the last year been asked to pay for a fundraising regulator. Now a second, broader regulator wants their slice of the pie. It is unprincipled and unacceptable at a time when charities are beset by challenges, financial and social, in all directions.  

“The Charity Commission should be focused on rebuilding its relationships and trust with the sector, rather than launching an attempt to charge charities for seeking the support and guidance they need to better help their beneficiaries. The voice of  ACEVO members will be very clear on this point during the consultation period.”

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