Stronger Charities through Good Leadership

 November 7th marks the start of Trustees Week 2016. This annual event celebrates the crucial contribution that trustees make to charities across the country. Trustees are a crucial part of the operation of the third sector, and this week is about demonstrating their value as leaders and influencers.

As the charity sector faces unparalleled challenges, the importance of leadership has never been greater, and this leadership must come from all levels of the organisation. While the executive has a crucial role in helping a charity face challenges, they cannot do this without a strong board. Trustees are crucial to the operation of charities – often giving their time and expertise for purely altruistic reasons. Given this, it is concerning that over 80% of trustees feel that they need more support and training. As the network for sector leaders, this is something which ACEVO can offer. This Trustees Week, we are welcoming trustees into our network, so they can take advantage of the support which they can receive as leaders of charities.

The relationship between CEO and Board is crucial, and it is important for this to be developed over time. This Trustees Week, to help with this, our guide to Leading the CEO and Board to Effective Governance – normally sold for £45 – can be downloaded free of charge here.

But there is more to leadership than just guides. ACEVO is the leading provider of support for the leaders of charities, and this should include trustees. That is why, this trustees week, we are encouraging trustees to take advantage of the support ACEVO membership can offer leaders, through a 15% discount on our associate membership scheme for any charity trustee. Trustees are able to attend our Annual Conference at the same rate as ACEVO members, allowing them to access this unique learning experience. Through this, trustees can realise their potential as leaders.


To access these discounts, please phone the ACEVO membership team on 02070144600 and give the reference Trustee16.

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