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Charity Commission appointments show ‘broken system and an inadequate process’

ACEVO Interim Chief Executive Asheem Singh said: “We welcome Laurie Benson, Paul Martin and Catherine Quinn to the Charity Commission Board but remain concerned at the lack of transparency and the inadequate process that has resulted in their appointments.

“Not only are these appointments two and a half months late, the process of appointment was opaque and undemocratic. Not a single board member has the deep and cross-cutting experience of charity governance and regulation experienced by those on the front line. This can only fuel existing concerns about the Commission’s lack of gravitas and knowledge of the sector it is mandated to regulate.

“It is no fault of the individuals in question that the Charity Commission’s governance and system of appointments is broken. If government is to reset the relationship with the voluntary sector and work as partners in helping build a better Britain it should begin the process of fixing this broken system. Our sector’s leaders are ready to work with government and the commission to achieve that end”.

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