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Prime minister pledges to ‘support and champion’ voluntary sector

Civil Society (Web), Main, Unattributed, 10/01/2017

tandem with Britain’s charities at home and abroad to share and strengthen our values, unite our communities and give people a voice.”  Acevo: ‘voluntary sector is ready to deliver’  Asheem Singh, interim chief executive at Acevo said: “A shared society is a good placeholder but it needs a practical undercarriage. The voluntary sector, led by Acevo members, are ready


Acevo outlines how sector can support PM’s ‘shared society’ agenda

Charity Times (Web), Main, Unattributed, 10/01/2017

third sector is ready to help, charity leaders’ network Acevo has said. Responding to Theresa May’s announcements at the Charity Commission annual public meeting yesterday , Acevo interim chief executive Asheem Singh set out four key measures aimed at ensuring the sector helps make the Government’s social reform agenda a success. The Prime Minister set out a vision for the


Theresa May sets out vision of shared society at Charity Commission meeting

ThirdSector (Web), Main, Unattributed, 09/01/2017

As part of her speech, May announced a package of measures designed to improve mental health support in schools, workplaces and communities.  Responding to May’s shared society comments, Asheem Singh, interim head of the charity leaders body Acevo , said the plans needed a “practical undercarriage” and called for measures including improvements to commissioning and high-quality development funding.


Kirsty Weakley: What can charities expect from 2017?

Civil Society (Web), Main, Unattributed, 04/01/2017

details are few about what this unit will do.  The anti-advocacy clause ended up being watered down and incorporated into a broader set of government grant standards, which NCVO, Acevo and Social Enterprise UK said marked a step in the right direction.  So it seems that the sector and the new government are enjoying something of a honeymoon


17 PR professionals’ 17-word predictions on what we’ll see in 2017

PR Week UK (Web), Main, Unattributed, 04/01/2017

Alex Deane, MD and head of public affairs UK, FTI Consulting  “We must reach beyond our audience bubbles to connect with people who don’t always think like us”  Vicky Browning, director of Charity Comms (shortly to become CEO of ACEVO , the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations)   “Increasing the use of AI, AR and VR


Acevo at a crossroads

ThirdSector (Web), Main, Unattributed, 28/12/2016

its media profile higher than ever before. “Acevo is on the up,” the chair’s introduction to the report said. “The sky is the limit.” It added that the chief executive, Sir Stephen Bubb, was “planning to stay for a number of years”.  The latest annual report, published in November, was a distinct contrast. Although media appearances had once again


Fellowship for charity leader

Yorkshire Post, Main, p. 7, Unattributed, 26/12/2016

South Yorkshire youth charity has been awarded a prestigious national fellowship. Gail Gibbons, chief executive of Sheffield Futures, was one of just five people across the country to receive an ACEVO Fellowship. The awards recognise outstanding work and offer support to help recipients to achieve even more. John Doyle, chair of the Sheffield Futures board of trustees, said the award


Prestigious award for devoted city youth worker

The Sheffield Star Series (Also The Doncaster Star), Main, p. 11, Unattributed, 26/12/2016

a Sheffield youth charity has been awarded a prestigious national fellowship. Gail Gibbons, chief executive of Sheffield Futures, was one of just five people across the country to receive an ACEVO Fellowship. The awards recognise outstanding work and come with training and support to help recipients to achieve even more. John Doyle, chair of the Sheffield Futures board of trustees,


CEO named rising star’

South Cambrian News, Main, p. 19, Unattributed, 29/12/2016

named as ‘rising stars’ by a charity leaders’ network. Trish McGrath, the CEO of the student’s union, and CAT’s chief executive Adrian Ramsay (pictured) were honoured by charity leader network ACEVO and have won ACEVO Fellowships as part of the scheme aimed at recognising good leaders of charitable organisations across the UK. Paul Farmer, the chair of ACEVO, praised Ms


Charity Appointments People on the move…

Charity Times, Main, p. 12, Unattributed, 02/12/2016

life sciences trustee. Professor Palmer is visiting professor at University College London and the University of Reading, as well as Life Science Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Bristol. VICKY BROWNING Vicky Browning has joined the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations as chief executive. Browning joins the organisation from CharityComms, the membership network for communications professionals in


Outlook 2017: The governance agenda

Charity Times, Main, p. 24, Unattributed, 02/12/2016

expectations to meet the challenges charities now face. Without preempting the findings of the consultation, the steering group overseeing the development of the code (ICSA: The Governance Institute along with Acevo, Association of Chairs, NCVO, Small Charities Coalition and WCVA, with the Charity Commission as an observer) is endeavouring for a final version that is stretching and more aspirational. With



Charity Times, Main, p. 7, Unattributed, 02/12/2016

dialogue with policymakers. Implementation of the clause was paused in April and the Government has since been working on a revised approach. New guidance was announced in December, and NCVO, Acevo, and Social Enterprise UK published a joint statement welcoming the “substantially more sophisticated approach”. The groups said the new guidance safeguards charities’ role in informing policymakers, and should also


Outlook 2017: The chief executive’s agenda

Charity Times, Main, p. 21, Unattributed, 02/12/2016

the most pressing priority for most charity CEOs in 2017. But what other issues, besides those related to fundraising [see p28] should be at the forefront of chief executives’ minds? Sir Stephen Bubb, director of the Charity Futures Project at the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, hopes this will be a year when more charity leaders speak up


2016 in the news

Charity Times, Main, p. 18, Unattributed, 02/12/2016

warning that the sector should not be so quick to praise the guidance until the full implications were known. Speaking of umbrella bodies, change came to Acevo in May when Sir Stephen Bubb announced his plans to step down. Tributes flowed for the outgoing chief executive, who had been one the of most prominent voices of the sector for much


Disqualified… from being a trustee or a senior manager

ThirdSector (Web), John Plummer, 19/12/2016

provisions will face the loss of their employment, even if they have carried out their duties successfully prior to this.” The fate of managers is a particular concern for Asheem Singh, interim chief executive at the charity leaders body Acevo. Singh says the legislation is “littered with landmines” and many chief executives of rehabilitation charities have criminal backgrounds. “Lock


NCVO reveals How Charities Work with beta site launch

UK Fundraising (Web), Melanie May, 19/11/2016

members of the public have about them.The site is currently in beta, and builds on the work NCVO has done as part of the Understanding Charities Group with CharityComms and Acevo. It explains what charities are, and how they work, including how they are regulated, where their money comes from and how they spend it, and how people can get involved


Shaping a new code

02/12/2016 Governance & Compliance, P27, 02/12/2016

code of governance for charities – the newly named Charity Governance Code. The draft Code has been developed by a steering group of umbrella bodies, including ICSA: The Governance Institute, ACEVO, Association of Chairs, NCVO, Small Charities Coalition and WCVA, with the Charity Commission as an observer. This will be the third version of the Code. It marks a notable


Voluntary sector, bar Acevo, welcomes regulator’s revised advice on new powers

ThirdSector (Web), Rebecca Cooney, 16/12/2016

questions, particularly concerning how and where the commission would publish warnings. In a statement, Acevo said the commission’s response to the consultations “falls short of a credible way ahead”. Asheem Singh, interim chief executive of Acevo, said: “With power comes responsibility, yet the Charity Commission has failed to exercise appropriate due care in connection with its new statutory powers.


When the sector follows the bagel, is it because of big funding cuts?

Third Sector,  Page 10, 01/01/2017

charities and not-forprofit at the Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest, has serious form for quoting poetry in public, and did not disappoint in his sponsor’s address to the recent Acevo conference. He read out The Bagel, by David Ignatow – a short meditation about dropping the said eatable and running after it. Biddell concluded: “Let’s stop being annoyed with


The stories of the month

Third Sector, Page 6, 01/01/2017

blaming Acevo’s lack of cooperation and unwillingness to undergo a merger. Acevo has appointed Vicky Browning as its next chief executive. Browning, a former publisher of Third Sector, will succeed Sir Stephen Bubb, who stood down from the membership body in June after 15 years. Browning has been director of CharityComms since 2010. She previously spent 16 years at the



Third Sector, Page 50, 01/01/2017

Reading Matters. This started to tick some boxes and a few years later I became chief executive. I now also sit on the boards of the charity chief executives body Acevo and Canterbury Imagine, a book-gifting charity for Bradford children. I’ve realised what my inner teenager knew all along – that to be successful we need to believe in what


Are bonuses the right fit for this sector?

Third Sector, Page 51, 01/01/2017

pay bonuses or other incentive payments to any employees, with any pay increases subject to good performance. According a survey of pay for 2014/15 by the charity chief executives body Acevo, most charities do not pay bonuses. Of the chief executives that responded, only 10.9 per cent received a bonus, with 6.9 per cent getting a personal performance-related bonus and


NCVO unveils website to explain charities to the public

Civil Society (Web), Kirsty Weakley, 15/12/2016

Work is part of NCVO’s programme to improve trust and confidence in charities, building on the work it has done as part of the Understanding Charities Group with CharityComms and Acevo. It is intended to provide clear and accessible information for members of the public looking for information about charities. How Charities Work includes explanations of what charities


The biggest charity stories of 2016

Civil Society (Web), David Ainsworth,  15/12/2016

measures to strengthen charity governance – a process which is being driven by interest from major players, including the Charity Commission and NCVO. As part of the same process Sir Stephen Bubb stepped down after a decade as chief executive of sector leadership body Acevo to lead a project looking at strengthening governance in the sector. His replacement, Vicky


Chief Executive Officer for London’s Air Ambulance Appointed

Ambulance Today (Web), Declan Hennegan, 15/12/2016

He serves as a Panel member on a variety of investment and advisory panels for funders and key sector stakeholders, including government departments, the Big Lottery, the British Council, ACEVO, the Design Council and the innovation charity Nesta. He carried out a secondment with Nesta to formulate investment process for the creation of the £400m Big Society Capital.


The new faces on the Charity Commission’s board

Third Sector, Page 9 , 01/01/2017

members at the Charity Commission at the end of November, it’s fair to say that most people in the sector will have been unfamiliar with them. The charity leaders group Acevo even went so far as to say that their appointments left the regulator with no one on the board who had “a deep, cross-cutting experience of charity governance and


Acevo has to get its mojo back’

Third Sector, Page 33, 01/01/2017

in our sector. It felt like a challenger organisation, testing the boundaries of what was possible, particularly in public services. Running it was a pugnacious and mediasawy new chief executive, Stephen Bubb, with a hotline into Whitehall. So we all paid our subs and Acevo swept all before it. Then the 2010 election came. The grants stopped. The coalition got


Report: Charities do not spend enough on leadership development

Civil Society (Web), Main, Unattributed, 14/12/2016

research involving almost 500 charities and social enterprises. It was written by Richard Harries, and supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Barrow Cadbury Trust, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Acevo.  Shaks Ghosh, director of Clore Social Leadership, wrote today that her organisation has developed a 12-step strategy to grow social leadership and improve investment.  What the report

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