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Consult sector before making campaigning policy changes, Acevo report urges government

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 24/04/2017

Consult sector before making campaigning policy changes, Acevo report urges government : The chief executives body says the Prime Minister should also reaffirm the Compact     The Acevo report   Acevo has called on the government


Domestic violence can make you feel invisible ? on June 8, let’s give those women a voice

iNews (Web), Unattributed, 24/04/2017

Act, and the snap general election announcement has intensified that “you couldn’t make it up” feeling that surrounds politics at the moment.    So it’s just as well that the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) and the National Council of Voluntary Organisations are both saying “keep calm and carry on campaigning”.    I’m very proud that ACEVO’s


What’s It Like Moving From The World’s Smallest Countries To London?

Londonist (Web), Unattributed, 20/04/2017

people in the UK say they often feel lonely, but young Londoners are twice as likely to be lonely as the national average, according to research by the charity network ACEVO.   “Now if I go home I’ll probably be the one who has no manners, because you adapt to keep your sanity,” he laughs. Cultural differences aside, Nico tells


Kirsty Weakley: What is the Compact, and does it still matter?

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 24/04/2017

Then people started talking about it again. Last week Sir Stuart Etherington said he would like the next government to “recommit to the Compact” and today Acevo’s chief executive, Vicky Browning, also called on the government renew its commitment to the Compact.   This is quite a key change. While government is nominally bound to the Compact, this requires


Acevo urges charities to campaign boldly during election

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 24/04/2017

threat from the Lobbying Act, the funding agreements, political opinion and Charity Commission interventions, specifically the guidance it issued, and then withdrew, on campaigning during the EU referendum last year.   Vicky Browning, chief executive of Acevo, said: “Too often in recent years, legislation and guidance has been issued with little or no consultation with the sector. This, combined with other


Charities must campaign in this election ? society needs bold reform

The (Web), Unattributed, 24/04/2017

that charities must be part of our attempt to create a healthier, stronger society. We must take courage from our convictions and stand up on behalf of our beneficiaries.   Vicky Browning is chief executive of Acevo  Talk to us on Twitter via @Gdnvoluntary and join our community for your free fortnightly Guardian Voluntary Sector newsletter, with analysis and opinion sent


London’s Air Ambulance New CEO Starts Role

Ambulance Today (Web), Unattributed, 19/04/2017

He serves as a Panel member on a variety of investment and advisory panels for funders and key sector stakeholders, including government departments, the Big Lottery, the British Council, ACEVO, the Design Council and the innovation charity Nesta. He carried out a secondment with Nesta to formulate investment process for the creation of the £400m Big Society Capital.


Election 2017: Sector reacts to surprise announcement

Charity Times (Web), Unattributed, 19/04/2017

Lord Hodgson .   Acevo said the next government must ensure public service contracts deliver social value as well as economic value, including a greater commitment to prevention programmes.   Chief executive Vicky Browning said charities must speak out on behalf of their beneficiaries at “this critical moment in the national debate”.   “A general election underlines the critical role of the independent


Kirsty Marrins: Embrace digital or become obsolete

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 19/04/2017

or even the ability to take donations online.    If charities wish to survive, they need to raise their digital game. This includes big charities too. Former CEO of ACEVO Asheem Singh, whilst giving oral evidence at The Select Committee on Charities inquiry on Charities, said: “If you are asking me, however, whether the charity sector as a whole is


Election is an opportunity for charities, say sector leaders

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 18/04/2017

the sector to all parties and clearly set out how the next government can practically help charities to do their work.”   Acevo: ‘Three-tier test of committement to the sector’   Vicky Browning, chief executive of Acevo, said: “Acevo will be writing to all major parties to outline a three-tier test of any parties’ commitment to the sector.”   She said


Charities react to snap general election announcement

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 18/04/2017

“We urge the government to make it crystal clear that charities can contribute their insight and expertise, which is so important at this crucial time in our country’s history.”   Vicky Browning, chief executive of the charity leaders body Acevo, said her organisation would write to all the major parties, calling on them to introduce the significant reforms of the


Andy Hillier: May’s spring surprise is an opportunity for the sector

ThirdSector (Web), Unattributed, 18/04/2017

they were of breaching the confusing rules. Now charities must rediscover their campaigning zeal and speak truth to power.   Sector bodies such as the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Acevo, the   Directory of Social Change, Navca, Locality and the Charity Finance Group must also quickly establish where the power currently lies within each of the main political parties


F U N D I N G Back from the brink?

Charity Times, Main, p. 22, Unattributed, 02/02/2017

May replacing David Cameron as Prime Minister in June, hope has emerged that grant giving can be brought back from the brink of extinction. Progress Acevo director of public policy Asheem Singh has already noticed a change in direction under May and was pleased that “one of her first acts as Prime Minister was to nuke that anti-advocacy clause”. For


Skills across the board

Charity Times, Main, p. 33, Unattributed, 02/02/2017

is knowledge of digital technology. Trustees ranked digital skills as the type of knowledge of which their boards had the greatest need in the 2016 National Trustee Survey, conducted by Acevo and nfpSynergy. “There is a need for people with an overall understanding of the role that digital can play: whether more services can be delivered through digital channels, whether



Charity Times, Main, p. 6, Unattributed, 02/02/2017

£136.4M A DAY on charitable activity, new analysis shows. The study shows the largest six per cent of charities, with income over £500,000, spend £49.8bn on delivering services each year. Acevo, the Charities Aid Foundation, the Institute of Fundraising, and CharityComms collaborated on the study highlighting the 


ATLconf17: Union will lobby Greening over `excessive’ and `immoral’ academy CEO pay

Schools Week (Web), Unattributed, 10/04/2017

October to stress the importance of establishing and monitoring policies for executive salaries so “that you and your trustees would be confident to expose them to public scrutiny”.   But Vicky Browning, from the charity chief executive leader membership body ACEVO, previously told Schools Week that any “insistence on lower pay at any cost” would result in migration to the


Some of the UK’s biggest charities have been caught `selling’ people’s personal data

The Canary (Web), Unattributed, 06/04/2017

implemented a number of transformational changes within the organisation since concerns were identified. Indeed, we have received external recognition in this regard. Cancer Support UK won its first award from ACEVO in December 2016 for ‘Brave and Inspirational leadership’ which acknowledged the fundamental changes to our operations. ACEVO is the UK’s largest and most influential network for charity leaders.


`Gaps’ in Charity Governance Code to be addressed

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 06/04/2017

reflect on the comments that people have made to “refine and polish” the final code, which it hopes to publish by June.   The code is jointly owned by NCVO, Acevo, SCC, ICSA and WCVA. The review process is being led by Rosie Chapman, who was the Charity Commission’s director of policy and effectiveness until May 2011.   Earlier this


Charities’ independence ‘under serious and growing threat’

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 05/04/2017

overkill.”   The report said that the new grant standards, which were introduced in place of a controversial proposed anti-advocacy clause, included “significant concessions” for the sector but criticised NCVO, Acevo and Social Enterprise UK for being too enthusiastic about the new agreement.   “The reaction of these sector leaders seemed to paper over some very significant cracks, potentially conceding


Kirsty Weakley: Which charities is government listening to?

Civil Society (Web), Unattributed, 04/04/2017

Fundraising, Association of Charitable Foundations, Navca, Small Charities Coalition, Charity Commission, and the Large Charities Group.   Separately to this meeting he met with NCVO twice, Acevo’s interim chief executive, Asheem Singh once, and not at all with the Charity Finance Group or the Charities Aid Foundation.   The Large Charities Group consists of Age UK, Barnado’s, British Red Cross,


GOVERNMENT Spring Budget held little for charities

Charity Finance, Main, p. 6, Unattributed, 01/04/2017

Bradshaw, chief executive of CFG, accused the government of ignoring the voluntary sector and said the sector faces a “big task in reintegrating ourselves into the heart of government”. While Vicky Browning, chief executive of Acevo, said that overall the Budget was “disappointing”. “This Budget is devoid of reference to the shared society or civil society,” she said. “That seems



Charity Finance, Main, p. 5, Unattributed, 01/04/2017

LATEST 3 Leader 6 News round-up 9 Technical briefing 12 Dormant assets analysis INTERVIEW 14 A different focus Vicky Browning, the new chief executive of leadership body Acevo, tells David Ainsworth that she will bring a new emphasis on meeting members’ needs. COVER THEME: PUBLIC SERVICE DELIVERY 16


A different focus

Charity Finance, Main, p. 14, Unattributed, 01/04/2017

and has seen membership fall by a third. Browning also faces a hard act to follow. She replaces one of the most controversial and influential figures in the charity sector, Sir Stephen Bubb, who stepped down last year after more than a decade at the helm. Browning is clear that she has a different approach and different focus from her


Ian Allsop presents a selection of charity sector stories covered by Charity Finance in 2016.

Charity Finance, Supplement, p. 18, Unattributed, 01/04/2017

of constant frustration, he had concluded that such a merger will never happen, and so NCVO ought to establish a division specifically for chief executives, in direct competition to Acevo. Sir Stephen Bubb stood down as chief executive of Acevo after 15 years in June, and now heads up a new research project on governance and leadership. December Charity chief


Upskilling trustees

Charity Finance, Supplement, p. 130, Unattributed, 01/04/2017

number.” Updated Charities Governance Code The steering group that oversees the sector’s code of good governance has just published an updated version, with some sections aimed specifically at larger charities. Sir Stephen Bubb’s Charity Futures programme Woodford Investment Management has given former Acevo chief executive Sir Stephen Bubb £400,000 over three years to do a big piece of work around


ECONOMIC CONDITIONS Charities face tough environment in 2017

Charity Finance, Main, p. 6, Unattributed, 01/04/2017

and pressures on donations “will put even more pressure on charities and their volunteers, especially the smaller ones that have been struggling for a long time already”. A report from Acevo and CAF produced a similar picture. In the Social Landscape 2017 report, charities were asked: “How strongly do you agree or disagree that your organisation/charity is struggling to survive?”


Umbrella bodies

Charity Finance, Supplement, p. 23, Unattributed, 01/04/2017

some of the large public delivery contracts they did previously, but which nevertheless retain large and healthy revenue bases. Elsewhere, former Office for Civil Society (OCS) strategic partners such as Acevo and Navca have seen their incomes fall, but plenty have managed to grow their income. EU funding plans unclear It may be a surprise to some that the infrastructure


A new model for change

Charity Finance, Main, p. 47, Unattributed, 01/04/2017

rapidly replaced by contracts, ushering in the need for a different set of skills and resource needs. Operational charities have been feeling the bite like never before, and the latest Acevo and CAF report Social Landscape 2017 states that 20 per cent of all charity CEOs are worried about the future survival of their organisations. With this negativity in my


A checklist for company secretaries

Charity Finance, Supplement, p. 228, Unattributed, 01/04/2017

board meetings and board information systems. See How to be an effective trustee (published by the Charity Commission) and Good governance – a code for the voluntary sector (published by Acevo, CTN, ICSA and NCVO) (c) Review conduct and probity matters, such as a code of conduct and conflicts of interests procedures (d) Other legislation: consider compliance procedures in connection-


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