ACEVO Presents ‘Leading with Heart and Head’, a Collaboration with ITN Productions

As the UK’s largest network for Charity and Social Enterprise Leaders, ACEVO are instrumental in providing support for those who do vital work when it comes to our third sector. Charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises have now become even more vital as they continue to play a bigger role in the delivery of public services. And those providing support, also need a support system in place.

Leading with Heart & Head aims to highlight the vital work done by ACEVO. Through a series of news style reports, interviews and sponsored editorial profiles it hopes to encourage and invite new input and collaborations to the table to improve and build upon the associations’ already credible portfolio of work.

Presented by Natasha Kaplinsky the programme will highlight the professionalism of the charities, while demonstrating the vital role they play in public service delivery. No matter what the size of the organisation, good leadership is key to its success, and the programme will show how ACEVO’s leadership development programme is encouraging new ideas and producing great leaders to inspire the sector and people they help.

Throughout Leading with Heart & Head alongside ACEVO, a host of key sector figures and participants will discuss some of the pressing issues affecting industry.

Audiences will learn how the sector often faces challenges and comes under fire while having to work under a ‘more with less’ remit. Other key issues such as; good governance, data protection, Young people network and recruitment and employee benefits, will also be discussed.

Through engaging interviews and insight, ACEVO hopes to change the public’s perception when it comes to charities and increase their confidence when it comes to supporting them.


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