We welcome Tracey Crouch to her new role

ACEVO chief executive Vicky Browning said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Tracey Crouch to her new role. I’m sure her time as minister for sport, heritage and tourism – dealing with issues such as lottery funding and problematically white, male boards – will stand her in good stead for this job.


“Her commitment to helping the vulnerable is also well known to her constituents, and her background in public affairs with the Pet Advisory Committee and experience of volunteering as a sports coach also shows her long-term interest in the sector.


“We will wait and see how the new ministerial brief balances civil society and sport. This change of brief gives the new minister an opportunity to reconsider the relationship between the Office for Civil Society and the sector, ensuring it is based on consultation and collaboration.


“The initial lack of clarity about the appointment of the minister for civil society was somewhat disappointing but the asks we make of Government today are the same as we made when the election was first called.


“A sector employing one million people should not have to wait on Twitter for confirmation of their minister. But Tracey has, within hours of her appointment, shown a refreshing willingness to engage with the sector and we very much look forward to her bringing the same vitality and imagination to the office for civil society as she has in her sports’ brief.”

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