ACEVO calls on the Fundraising Regulator to listen to levy concerns

Following the publication of those who have not paid the levy, ACEVO says the Fundraising Regulator should better engage with those organisations to establish the rationale behind their decision. ACEVO says that among those which have not paid are organisations which have wrestled with the dilemma and that it is important for the regulator properly to understand these decisions and address valid concerns. 

ACEVO CEO Vicky Browning said: “ACEVO’s view is that it is better to have voluntary self-regulation of fundraising with a code agreed between the sector and government rather than risk the introduction of legislation which could be a lot more proscriptive and catch-all. However, as a voluntary charge it is for each charity to make up its own mind on whether to pay the regulator’s levy. Charities not paying on the principle that donors’ money was not intended for the Fundraising Regulator must measure the risk against the principle and consider whether the principle should itself be subsidised by the majority of the rest of the sector which is paying the levy. 

“That said, the regulator’s published list shows that there are certain kinds of charities (primarily religious, medical and the arts) which are more likely than others not to pay. This demonstrates a need for the Fundraising Regulator to engage with representatives from these types of charities and understand what their concerns are. The sector is not homogeneous, the same argument isn’t going to work with everyone – charities that have concerns about paying need to see and hear that their perspective is understood and being taken into account.”



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