ACEVO responds to the Charity Commission’s new strategy

“This declaration of strategic intent is a welcome step towards the Charity Commission setting out a clear vision that articulates what it believes the role of the regulator is, what good regulation looks like and how it wants to achieve that.

As the name indicates, and much like the Civil Society Strategy, the statement released today is light on detail. However, I am pleased that the strategy talks about addressing some of the concerns we have heard from ACEVO members in recent years, including reducing the length of time to conclude investigations and making better use of data. It is also a step change to hear the Charity Commission saying it will ‘lead thinking about how charities can thrive in a changing world.’

These statements could be indications of a shift away from the often confrontational tone of the Commission’s previous chair William Shawcross. However, an emphatic section on declining trust alongside a clear indication that there will be a consultation on charity charging, means it is too early yet to gauge what change will occur during Baroness Stowell’s tenure.”

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