ACEVO responds to Daily Mail article on CEO pay

ACEVO responds to a recent Daily Mail article published about senior charity leaders’ pay

On Saturday 24 August the Daily Mail published an article titled ‘Charity bosses’ five figure pay rises revealed‘.

In response to the article Kristiana Wrixon, ACEVO’s head of policy said: “The article claimed ‘many charity chief executives earn more than the prime minister’. This is misleading, 91 per cent of charities in the UK are run by volunteers and of those that pay staff the average salary is £52,000 per year.

“I wouldn’t want to put a cap on charity CEO pay as ‘charity’ is a broad term that can encompass organisations of many types and sizes, some of them hugely complex. “The focus of the conversation should instead be on the principles of good pay: transparency, proportionality, performance, recruitment and retention and process.” 

Read the full response here.

ACEVO has also contacted the Charity Commission to seek further information about work reference in a quote by its Chief Executive Helen Stephenson who said,”We [the Charity Commission] are now looking very closely at senior pay in charities.”

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