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ACEVO chief executive Vicky Browning writes about how charity leaders can support the #EveryDayCounts campaign.

Last week ACEVO and other membership bodies launched the #EveryDayCounts campaign. Through this campaign, we are asking the government to provide emergency funding that will keep charities alive and enable them to continue to serve their communities.

However, despite regular engagement with officials and some amazing support from MPs and peers of all political parties, our understanding is that this is not enough. We have been told that our case is not sufficiently strong to convince the chancellor of our need. So I am writing to ask for your help.

We are being asked for a list of charities which will be in significant financial difficulties within the next few weeks if the chancellor does not act to support the work of the sector.

Any case studies would be incredibly helpful but we believe that framing the situation within the narrative of protecting the NHS will strongly resonate, so in particular we would like to hear from those of you whose work supports the NHS, however broadly – eg hospices/end of life care, mental health, medical support charities, carers etc.

Please email any examples you can share to me.

We know it is not an easy ask to share how vulnerable your organisation is at the present time. But we need this information to persuade others of the urgency of the situation.

The most powerful way to support the campaign right now is to share examples but we would also welcome the following support if you or your team have capacity:

  • Talk to journalists and MPs about the work of your organisation and how it has been directly or indirectly impacted by the coronavirus
  • Ask your MP to support this letter coordinated by Stephen Doughty
  • Use the #EveryDayCounts hashtag to add your voice to the campaign.

Over the last week the Treasury Select Committee, Julian Knight, chair of the DCMS select committee, and Tracy Brabin, shadow secretary of state for DCMS, have asked the government about its plans to support charities. However, we need you to act in order to get our request for funding over the line.

ACEVO is a community and we need to act as one community now to ensure that as many charities as possible can make the biggest possible difference both during the crisis and when it is over.

Ideas, resources and templates

  • Write to your MPs – using this template letter
  • Mobilise your supporters – by asking them to write to their MP using this template letter 
  • Share your stories – share videos talking about your work, use local media, social media using the hashtags #EveryDayCounts and get your stories out there, in particular: 
    • what you are doing to support in response to COVID-19 crisis (through existing services and/or additional activity you have taken on)
    • highlight any increases in your activities as a result of the crisis
    • highlight any capacity or financial squeezes where you can
    • tag @dianabarran and thank her for all she is doing to fight for charities
    • tag @rishisunak and highlight the need for financial support
    • tag local media outlets/journalists/mainstream media.

Thanks for your support. I look forward to hearing from you.

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