#ACEVOFest speakers: Ed Mayo

ACEVO’s first-ever week-long digital festival takes place on 16-20 November, bringing together social sector leaders to reflect, reboot, rebuild. The full programme is available on the website and in this blog series, you will get the know our speakers a little bit better.

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Ed Mayo is the CEO of Pilotlight. At #ACEVOFest, he will talk about why partnership working is the future for our sector, what works well and how to smooth the path to successful collaborations.

How would you describe your time working from home because of lockdown in 5 words?

A joyous end to travel

What was the best thing you did for your own well-being in the past few months?

I left my old job at Co-ops UK in Manchester (a good way to encourage people to say nice things is to leave, I have learned) and, even though not meeting the staff or setting foot in the office, I have simply loved started my new role at Pilotlight.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Save time, don’t read the Economist

What was your favourite digital discovery this year?

Loomio is a platform for participatory decision-making, developed by a digital co-op in New Zealand. I love it

If you had to leave a message to yourself to read a year from now, what would it be?

It is time to shave that lockdown beard off

Narrated by a member of the ACEVO staff

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