#ACEVOFest speakers: Alison Lucas

ACEVO’s first-ever week-long digital festival takes place on 16-20 November, bringing together social sector leaders to reflect, reboot, rebuild. The full programme is available on the website and in this blog series, you will get to know our speakers a little bit better.

A narrated version of this blog is available at the bottom of the page

Alison Lucas is the director of Randolph Partnership. At #ACEVOFest, she will guide you through four pillars of acknowledging endings to give you clarity on what needs attending to and reveal the messy stuff and emotions that keep us stuck.

How would you describe your time working from home because of lockdown in 5 words?

Creative, purposeful, challenging, connected,  relentless.

What was the best thing you did for your own well-being in the past few months?

I have created new rhythms and routines for myself, so I have felt the difference between work and home. Exercising every morning, putting on “work clothes”, getting outside as much as possible and having no Zoom days!

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Comparison is the thief of everything.

What was your favourite digital discovery this year?

Making our first podcast, on Endings for Beginnings,  with professional producers, from our homes. Inspirational!

If you had to leave a message to yourself to read a year from now, what would it be?

It has been a tough time, be proud of yourself for recognising the joy and opportunities for innovation.

Narrated by a member of the ACEVO staff

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