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Digital marketing tips for charities

By the SEO Works team.

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Here at The SEO Works we’ve got over a decade of digital marketing experience, and have worked with many charities and NFP organisations. Although the fundamentals remain constant, each sector has its own nuances that are crucial to success. Here are our top charity-specific digital marketing tips!

Digital marketing tips

Always include a strong Call to Action on each webpage

As well as getting your message across, consider what action you would like your end-user to take on your web pages. A single, clear Call to Action (CTA) makes it really clear what the user needs to do in order to support your cause – for most charities this will involve raising awareness and fundraising. Don’t overwhelm the user with multiple choices, try and limit this to one or two per page. Also – research shows that if the call to action looks like a button, users will be more likely to click.

Storytelling and personalising your content based on common experiences within the cause

Using website content and videos to tell a story that your users can relate to will generate more meaningful site traffic and engagement. Think about the unique, human stories you can focus on that show how you make a difference. Our guide on writing long-form content to help you get found in Google could help.

Providing content on informational queries

Such as commonly asked questions or long-tail keywords. This can help charities provide a content hub of authoritative and knowledgeable information. Use answer the public to undercover topical questions that relate to your cause, then publish these along with answers that are specific to you.

Use social media to increase your reach and engage your audience

An engaged audience leads to an ongoing connection to your cause. Remember that just because someone ‘likes’ your social profile, it doesn’t mean they will see your messages. Generally, they need to engage with your posts in order to see future updates. If you have built up a large audience but don’t get a lot of reach, consider a small budget to promote your posts to your existing followers – a little could go a long way.  If you need a platform to manage your social media channels, there are several services available with special discounts for charities as well as free plans.

Email marketing efforts can be cost effective

Sending a regular newsletter to your user base keeps them informed and engaged in the latest news and developments – make sure they have opted in to receive emails so you won’t breach GDPR rules. Mailchimp offers a Forever Free plan, allowing users to send up to 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers. If you need to send more recipients, there is a discounted subscription rate for charities.

Free support from Google

We hope you found the tips and links above useful. If you don’t have time to run your own marketing efforts in-house and you’re looking to outsource your Digital Marketing services, do get in touch.

Narrated by a member of the ACEVO staff

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