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#ACEVOFest21 speakers: Jane van Zyl

ACEVO’s digital leadership festival is back this year from 2-4 November. The full programme is available on the website and in this blog series, you will get to know our speakers a little bit better.

A narrated version of this blog is available at the bottom of the page

Jane van Zyl, CEO, Working Families

At #ACEVOFest21, Jane will explore the challenges and opportunities of the post-pandemic workplace.

What makes you hopeful?

Young people – constantly exploring, testing, pushing and using their personal experience to build a better world.

What do you know now that you didn’t know at the beginning of 2020?

I too can work in isolation, but it’s not particularly good for me.

What message you’d like to send to yourself to read a year from now?

Get up and get outside – you’ll enjoy it, you know you will.

Did you incorporate a new habit in your day to day routine in the past 18 months that you can share with us?

I’ve tried to stop watching the 10 o’clock news – yelling at the screen is not productive or restful. Weekly walks with a friend and her new dog.

What do you miss the most from working at the office and what do you love the most from working remotely?

Drinks after work with old and new friends; striking up small, human conversations with strangers in a lift, the office corridor, the tube. Working from home – the best bit is a lie-in every morning… no more 5.30 alarm for me.

What’s your favourite thing to do for your own wellbeing?

Meditation and yoga – sounds very virtuous, I know. But whenever I really need to do them both, I revert to my old unhelpful habits!

Narrated by a member of the ACEVO staff

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