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ACEVO is part of The Civil Society Group, launched today

Full press release available on NCVO’s website.

Today sees the launch of The Civil Society Group – an informal collaboration of organisations representing members and groups from across the charity sector and wider civil society.

The Civil Society Group will increase collaboration between the infrastructure, representative and member organisations working across civil society. It aims to harness the collective strengths of their diverse networks, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and allow civil society to clearly articulate shared priorities and views to government. The group will build on the successes and vital role played by charities and social enterprises in communities during the pandemic. It will be open to any civil society representative, infrastructure, and member organisations.

“We’ve shown during the pandemic that by working together, charities and civil society were able to help hold society together by delivering vital services during incredibly difficult times. As we look towards the future, the work of charities, social enterprise and others will be vital in bringing about a fair and equitable recovery from the pandemic.

Even after changes to restrictions, we are continuing to see increasing inequality, placing further demand on charities and volunteers. The need for effective and efficient delivery of charity services will continue to be vital for society and The Civil Society Group will support this.

The Civil Society Group will also allow civil society to speak clearly and directly to governments about our shared priorities and views and streamline and enhance our sector’s engagement with decision makers. With our proven track record of success in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic – including securing £750m of support for charities in England – this group will help to ensure recognition and support for the work charities and others are doing at the centre of the recovery in communities across the country.”

Vicky Browning, CEO of ACEVO

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