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#ICYMI: October 2021

In case you missed it is a monthly round-up of what we have been up to at ACEVO. Communications officer Heloisa Righetto shares links to recently published content, newly launched events and services available to members.

News from ACEVO

Twelve people have been appointed to the working group of the ACEVO/NCVO project to address some of the barriers and stigma around flexible working. Chaired by Becky Hewitt, the group will report its findings later in 2021. Its focus will be on building momentum, urgency and awareness; encouraging organisations to experiment with new practice; breaking down stigma; sharing and promoting examples of good practice to build confidence and knowledge; and signposting the fantastic resources already out there. You can find the list of group members here.

Our 2020-21 report is now available to download from the website and includes highlights of our year, what we did, how we went about it and some lessons learnt. It also celebrates the way ACEVO members came together last year like never before to lead their teams and support one another. The power and value of our network have never been more apparent than through this year of crisis.

In a submission to the Treasury infrastructure bodies, including ACEVO, set out a series of wide-ranging recommendations which include the need for greater investment in communities and cancelling the cut to Universal Credit. This comes ahead of the spending review scheduled for 27 October which sets out plans for spending over the next three years and the Autumn Budget scheduled for the same day. You can read the full submission on CFG’s website

Latest resources

The latest episode of our podcast Leadership Worth Sharing is now live. This time, Vicky speaks to Matt Whittaker, chief executive of Pro Bono Economics. They talk about whether economists can act as a Google Translate service between charities and the treasury, how we can use data to know ourselves, and how to make it unacceptable for politicians and policymakers to talk about the future of the country without including the social sector. This and all previous episodes (and full transcripts) are available on the website, but you can also find it on all major podcast platforms. 

Charities have seen a number of high-profile complaints to the Charity Commission in recent months surrounding the rights of charities to take a stance on contentious issues. Often, the Charity Commission’s investigations into these cases, such as that involving the National Trust, have found that there are no grounds for regulatory action. However, some ACEVO members run civil society organisations which have also seen complaints about their campaigning activities, but aren’t regulated by the Charity Commission, such as CICs – Community Interest Companies. We have published a member briefing covering some of the campaigning rules which apply to CICs, in particular restrictions on political activity. 

An appointment process for the chair of the Charity Commission is currently open; over the past 12 months we have actively engaged with government to try and ensure the next chair can build trust with the sector and regulate effectively. Alongside NCVO, we have identified key attributes we would like to see in the next Charity Commission chair. Some of these are reflected in the job description released by the government, but others are not. Check our website to find out more about ACEVO’s work in this area.

Announced new events

Pouring our care and passion into our work can compromise our physical and mental health. Keeping our feelings out of the job, on the other hand, can make us easily tip over into numbness, cynicism, losing sight of the point of it all. Join us on Wednesday 8 December from 2-3pm for a session that will tackle a widespread misunderstanding about the role of empathy in this work, and give you a deeper understanding of the impact working with distressing realities has on your health and wellbeing. By knowing the neuroscience of compassion fatigue and empathic distress, you’ll learn how it is possible to stay engaged and motivated in your work without numbing your feelings or depleting yourself. Book your place now

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