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ICYMI: December 2021

In case you missed it is a monthly round-up of what we have been up to at ACEVO. Communications officer Heloisa Righetto shares links to recently published content, newly launched events and services available to members.

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Latest resources

This year we published over 130 blogs written by the ACEVO team, members, partners, and leadership and charity sector enthusiasts. I know it can be challenging to keep up with so much going on, so we’ve published a list of the 10 most popular blogs, content that you definitely don’t want to miss! Some of the staff and board also chose their favourite ACEVO projects of 2021, from the climate crisis work to #ACEVOFest21

In the last 2021 episode of our podcast, Vicky Browning speaks to Yvonne Field, chief executive of Ubele Initiative, the social enterprise supporting the sustainability of the African Diaspora community. They talk about the similarity and differences of leading community activism in the 80s and today, those cataclysmic moments that inspire change, and how the next generation of leaders will continue the fight for social justice. This and all previous episodes are available on the website and all major podcast platforms. 

Disabled leaders’ stories are powerful, but sharing them can’t be tokenistic if we want to sustain long-term change. Equity and inclusion expert Zara Todd has written two blogs, about showcasing disability talent and avoiding tokenism.

Announced new events

We know that governance works best when the CEO and chair have a high level of trust and mutual confidence, when the trustees all feel engaged, and when they work well together. Who leads on board development, what processes should be in place, and what conversations need to happen? Leading Governance‘s managing director Joy Allen will host a session on 23 February to outline best practice in these areas.

Join us for a workshop on 10 March with Kate Chester and Maria Marlow, founders of Amino Leadership, to get greater clarity on the messages you use to inspire change and gain confidence in communicating and engaging with conflict and difference. During the day, participants will explore practical and impactful communication tools, revisit the power of feedback, and practise navigating challenging conversations and conflict. For more information and to book your place, please check the website.

Support for you

In May 2021, the prime minister announced a public inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2022. With the appointment of an inquiry chair promised by Christmas, the new year should clarify the scope of the inquiry and the role for the care sector. ACEVO’s partner Hempsons will host a webinar on 18 January, chaired by Prof. Martin Green, chief executive of Care England, to help social care providers understand and prepare for the inquiry. Speakers will clarify what a public inquiry is, what it means for the care sector and what you should be doing. Find out more and register

Many ACEVO members find peer learning a rich experience in which they build strong relationships with other civil society leaders. If you are thinking about setting up or being part of a peer learning group, ACEVO’s member support team has produced a guide to support you to get started. The guide answers your main questions, provides links to valuable resources and examples of session formats, and explores the ethos and values of peer learning.

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