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Climate emergency: external resources

Initiatives, useful information, and resources provided by our partners and other organisations.

Campaigns and projects

Framing Climate Justice: a 12-month project bringing together organisers from across the climate movement to tell the stories that matter, and strengthen our movement in the fight for justice.

She Changes Climate: a campaign for 50:50 balance of women at the top level of COP26 leadership team.

Carbon Crib Sheet: key dates and facts at your fingertips.

Britain Talks Climate: a toolkit for engaging the British public on climate change.

Climate Reframe: Amplifying BAME voices in the UK environmental movement.

Waterwise water efficiency checkmark: demonstrate your commitment to water efficiency.

Waterwise Pledge 2021: save 2021 litres in 2021.

Crack the Crises: Covid. Injustice. Climate Change. 

Articles and publications

Why charities need to take a sustainable approach to tech

Prioritising our Planet: Clear messages for maximum impact (Garfield Weston Foundation)

Practical tools and tips

How to save water (Waterwise)

Guide to water efficiency in the office (Waterwise)

Water efficiency retail market switching guide (Waterwise)

Recycling posters for the office (FirstMile)

Climate Just: free webtool for public service providers designed to

  • Identify who is vulnerable to climate change and fuel poverty and why
  • Highlight neighbourhoods where climate disadvantage is highest
  • Explain the factors involved and help you decide what actions to take

Julie’s Bicycle: free online carbon and environmental calculator to work out your footprint

Net Zero Club: identify your carbon footprint and plan your steps to reduce your emissions