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Climate emergency

The world is facing the serious, urgent threat of climate breakdown.

Despite working to eliminate a range of social issues encompassing poverty, inequality, animal cruelty and more, civil society is not moving as quickly as other sectors in responding to a genuine and significant threat to achieving their missions. We need to act now and show ambitious leadership, to ensure that civil society contributes actively towards the global transition to net zero emissions.

Civil society seeks a safer, fairer world, and to achieve any kind of social justice we must urgently centre climate justice in our work too. We have a responsibility to future generations: our present work as a sector should not be carried out in ways which threaten the future of our planet. Without taking significant action, that world will simply not be safe or accessible in future years. Civil society has a role to play to make sure that the global transition to net zero is just, and that it does not cause further harm to the communities or places we work with.

Find out more about what ACEVO is doing to tackle the climate crisis and build a more sustainable civil society.

This plan communicates how ACEVO will develop new offers that support our members to take ownership of this issue across the sector. 

The principles provide a shared commitment for us to acknowledge the scale of the crisis; to be ambitious in our pursuit of climate justice, both as leaders of individual organisations and as a collective voice for civil society; and to act wherever we can to create progress.

We are gathering case studies platforming positive climate leadership in both environmental and non-environmental organisations.

We hope that these tools will help you start making some changes and feeling empowered to encourage others to do the same.

The purpose of the group is to inform and steer ACEVO’s work in this space, advising on key decisions made by ACEVO staff and trustees concerning the outputs and offers we provide to our members.

This page will be updated frequently with initiatives, useful information, and resources provided by our partners and other organisations.

Blogs by members, staff and sector experts about the climate crisis and what civil society has been responding to it. 

Updates about the work ACEVO is conducting internally to reduce its carbon footprint and become a more environmental-friendly organisation. 

ACEVO is a member of CAFA and Crack the Crises.

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