Our range of online support tools provide members with key learning to develop as civil society leaders.  

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Working together: decision-making scenarios for charity officers and trustees

The line between where trustee responsibility stops and officer responsibility starts (and vice versa) can be more art than science. To shine a light on this grey area, ACEVO brought together the chief executive, chair, financial director and treasurer of four large, national UK charities to discuss four theoretical scenarios where the dividing line might be open to question. The aim was to examine how best to determine the respective roles of trustees and officers, and their thoughts, experiences and insights are captured in our latest paper.

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Personal Development Planning

With the world moving ever faster, on-going leadership development supports you in your current role as well as helping you with any career progression (upwards or sideways) you might desire. Leadership development is all about upgrading knowledge, skills and capabilities. These in turn boost confidence, credibility, creativity and your ability to cope with ever increasing job pressures.

To support members in creating a plan for your leadership development, ACEVO has developed a suite of tools that you can use to reflect on your development needs. 

Formalising any learning activities you are already participating in will help you prioritise what’s important. It will then provide you with a tangible record of your professional development. This can be useful for individual reviews with your line manager or the Board. 

Tools available:

  • Leadership Development Questionnaire and Template Plan
  • Leadership Development Reflection Plan
  • Career Development Planner
  • Stakeholder Management Tool

Full members can also get support for developing your Plan from Jenny Berry, Director of Leadership Development. Jenny will help you further explore your needs and discuss where ACEVO or other resources can help you implement your plan. To arrange this please complete the Leadership Development Questionnaire, available on the Tools page. 

Personal development planning tools

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360 assessment

For anyone wanting to develop and improve their performance, the benefits of focused personal reflection and receipt of feedback from those around you are almost universally acknowledged. A 360' assessment will allow you to focus on developing the key leadership competencies using feedback from colleagues.

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Understanding your costs

ACEVO’s suite of financial appraisal tools is ideal for organisations bidding for contracts, funding new services or reviewing their overheads. It builds on ACEVO’s pioneering Full Cost Recovery guide – developed in 2005. They are flexible working documents that can be tailored to your organisation’s unique business needs.

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CEO disciplinary and grievance procedures


Many users of our CEO in crisis helpline have identified the fact that their organisation's displinary and grievance procedures simply aren't appropriate when it comes to the CEO position. Whether it's placing the CEO as the final court of appeal, or failing to establish their representation, boiler plate policies are rarely sufficient.

To help you with this, we’ve produced a template for a CEO disciplinary and grievance procedure, which can be adapted to the needs of your organisation. Click here to find out more.


Recommended reading

Sometimes a new book can open your eyes to a new way of thinking which can help you in your personal and professional life.

Click here to view our recommended reading list, dedicated to leadership.


Recommended viewing


These TED talks have been chosen by Jenny Berry, our director of leadership and governance. Not all of them will suit everyone, but we hope you find some element of interest or entertainment from at least a few.

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