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Hidden Leaders: briefing for external audience

Zara Todd and Ellie Munro


In January 2020 ACEVO undertook an open commissioning process in order to recruit consultants to carry out a piece of work that would help ACEVO to understand the steps it needs to take to realise its ambition of becoming accessible and inclusive of disabled people.

The consultants working on this project, Zara Todd and Ellie Munro, produced two reports as part of the project. The first report provides an overview of disability in the voluntary sector, and an introduction to disability legislation and an overview of what is already known about disabled representation and disability inclusivity in the voluntary sector. The second report is based on interviews with ACEVO staff, trustees, members and non-members and concludes with a set of actions ACEVO should consider in order to become more inclusive.

We have published both reports because we think it is important for ACEVO to be acting transparently and because we hope it will be helpful to other charities that may also be looking to improve equity, diversity and inclusion. However, much of the content in the report is specific to ACEVO and we have therefore produced this briefing to highlight the key learning points that are also relevant to other civil society organisations.

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