Discounted 360◦ assessment

For anyone wanting to develop and improve their performance, the benefits of focused personal reflection and receipt of feedback from those around you are almost universally acknowledged. A 360◦ assessment will allow you to focus on developing the key leadership competencies using feedback from colleagues. 

The assessment identifies key competencies considered the most critical for leaders and those that will make the most difference in continuing to build strong and successful organisations. For each of the competencies there are associated observable behaviours for reviewers to assess performance against. There is a model of excellence outlined for each competency setting a clear goal of an individual’s development. 

The 360◦ assessments are delivered by First Position Performance Development and discounted for ACEVO members.


You will be invited to nominate up to six people to complete the activity. In addition, you will complete your own self assessment.

The results of your self assessment and responses from colleagues will be collated and shared with you in a one-to-one telephone feedback session. You will also be provided with a detailed report that presents the results of the review and offers guidance on areas for development.

Responses are confidential and are not revealed to the individual being reviewed. 

Team reviews

Management teams can gain added value from undertaking a 360◦ assessment as a team. This gives the team a common framework and standard of excellence to move towards, establishes a shared ‘language’ for discussing their capabilities and can help inform their team and organisation development planning. 


The pricing of the 360◦ assessment is dependent on the organisation, size of team and location. For a referral please email  or call 020 7014 4600.