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Ansvar Insurance

Ansvar is a broker-only insurance company, based in Eastbourne in East Sussex, which specialises in charity, not-for-profit and faith insurance. We’ve been insuring those that help others for over 60 years and our range of products, available through our network of broker partners, is extensive.

We believe that we really live and breathe the company ethics; we don’t just talk about it, we genuinely do it and over 74% of staff are either involved with a charity personally, or support charities through various company fundraising schemes.

Risk management

We are renowned for our risk support, and we believe the depth of our experience is second to none.

We have prepared a large number of expert insurance risk management guides to assist you with your specific area of interest.

In addition, we also have created a toolkit for enterprise risk management, ERM considers risk from a more strategic, universal point of view with a focus on identifying any barriers that could stop an organisation from achieving its objectives. It’s multi-dimensional in nature, looking at both impact and likelihood, covering the entire organisation by making connections between risks.


We regularly publish written articles on subject relevant to insurance and risk management, all of which can be found on our website.



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Ansvar House, 31 St Leonards Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3UR

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