Jane Slowey memorial memberships

Support and development for women in leadership.

Jane Slowey was an inspiring woman and made a huge impact on everyone who worked with her. She died in 2017 from cancer. All of us who had the huge pleasure to work with Jane Slowey in different capacities over many years gained so much from our relationships with Jane and know that she will always be a part of us.

Jane had so many strong beliefs and passions, all very clearly centred around justice and equality. Her day to day work leading the Foyer Federation demonstrated that and it was not compromised; opportunities for young people to be better and excel were at the centre of all of her decisions. Her success was driven by an almost insatiable desire for her learning and development. She campaigned effectively and quietly, knowing the important points and understanding how to articulate them.

One of Jane’s causes was that of women in leadership. Her experiences informed her understanding of the importance of building a pipeline of women in leadership. To help to fulfil her ambition, we created the Jane Slowey memorial membership.

The Jane Slowey memorial membership provides expert support, guidance, advice and mentoring for BAME and/or disabled women who are in their first two years as a CEO for a charity or social enterprise. 

We believe this is a fitting tribute to a truly inspirational woman who was a mentor to many, and a role model to many more, and who was fiercely passionate about equality and encouraging a new generation of sector leaders. We hope you will support this as a great cause, but also in memory of a great leader who we were proud to know.

David Gold (CEO, Prospectus), Bethia McNeil (director, The Centre for Youth Impact) and Rosie Ferguson (chief executive, House of St Barnabas) on behalf of all those involved.


The membership will run in total for four years (each time for two years) assisting a total of 16 new CEOs (each time for eight individuals)

Recipients will receive:

  • Full range of ACEVO membership services and benefits.
  • A mentor – eight charity CEOs will mentor the cohort throughout their two-year programme.
  • Four development days with fellow cohorts.
  • Two annual dinners with fellow cohorts, hosted by Prospectus.


The membership has been possible due to fundraising £15,781.25 with gift aid included.

Steering committee

The steering committee consists of Rosie Ferguson, CEO, Gingerbread, David Gold, CEO, Prospectus, Bethia McNeil, director, The Centre for Youth Impact and Vicky Browning, CEO, ACEVOnow 

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