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Mentoring is a professional development partnership based around sharing knowledge and experience.

Peer mentoring is a fantastic way of improving your professional  development, for both mentees and mentors. It’s a fruitful relationship for both people involved. Mentees gain a mentor to bounce ideas off, tackle issues with and get support, reassurance and increased confidence. Mentors improve their leadership skills and get the satisfaction of supporting a civil society peer. 

The ACEVO mentoring scheme is free service available to all members and is intended to provide confidential space for reflection and discussion. Mentoring partnerships generally last around a year, with mentors and mentees meeting every four – six weeks to chat in person or over the phone. Once matched, the mentoring process is entirely dependant on the needs of both the mentor and mentee and can be flexibly arranged to suit individuals.

Request an ACEVO mentor

Before signing up to the scheme, please make sure you are ready to commit to it. Mentoring relationships shouldn’t be onerous, but they do require both sides of the partnership to commit to giving each other time and attention. Our mentors are busy people in senior positions who give their time for free, so please respect this generosity.

Become an ACEVO mentor

If you’d like to become an ACEVO mentor, please fill in this form. Our system works by matching you with a mentee, and then introducing you to each other. Please note that the information given here will be shared with prospective mentees as part of the matching process.

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