Making Diversity Count

Making Diversity Count is a response to an evident lack of equality, diversity and inclusion in the charity sector.

As there appears to be a growing interest in change in the charity sector, including the pledge on racial diversity from ACEVO and the Institute of Fundraising and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion working group initiated by the Association of Charitable Foundations, ACEVO and Voice4Change England aim to add to this momentum. In particular, Making Diversity Count means to accelerate progress – in part by starting its work from a new vantage point.

The project is organised in three parts; the first is a review of existing research on diversity in the charity sector, the second part, launched in August 2019, asked BAME charity workers to share their experiences and views through an online survey (which was open until 30 September 2019) and a small number of in-depth interviews. The third part will be an exploration of how change can be generated. This will include working with charity leaders and system shapers like funders, recruiters and regulators, to understand why progress is slow despite there being a well-researched and well-publicised case for prioritising diversity.

We want to centre BAME voices and experiences and make them heard as a matter of principle and because BAME people who know the charity sector are uniquely well-placed to shape a more positive future. We also need to hear perspectives from senior leaders and charity chief executives to understand their ways of thinking about and efforts to advance issues of race equality, diversity and inclusion. 

The report launch has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to announce a date soon and will keep this page updated. 

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