Leading safe cultures


ACEVO and Centre for Mental Health are working together to research bullying in charity sector leadership. ‘Leading safe cultures: eliminating workplace bullying in charity leadership’ aims to understand the conditions in which bullying occurs in the charity sector, its effects on individuals and why in some organisations bullying behaviour continues for a significant period of time unchecked.

The work will focus on bullying that has taken place within the last five years and inform a report due out in May 2019. The report will have a particular emphasis on the role of leadership and culture in the bullying behaviour that is reported by respondents. 

Those who feel able to share their experiences can complete a confidential online questionnaire. Anyone who has experienced bullying within a charity can complete the survey whether they have previously reported it or not. In cases in which bullying was reported, we are interested in hearing from people who felt their complaint was resolved appropriately, as well as those who weren’t happy with the response they received. The survey is open until Friday March 22.

The survey is anonymous. Data held will be treated by researchers from the Centre for Mental Health in strict confidence in line with the organisation’s confidentiality policy. No individual or organisation will be named in the resulting report. In addition, we will be conducting a small number of interviews with individuals who have experienced bullying in the sector. 

This work has been funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as part of a programme of work called ‘Protecting people from harm’ which was formed in response to reports of sexual exploitation, harassment and bullying in the media last year. ACEVO CEO Vicky Browning has been asked by Mims Davies, the Minister of Sport and Civil Society, to be the bullying and harassment lead for the programme group.

If you have any questions about this project please contact Kristiana Wrixon or Vicky Browning.

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