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Leadership competencies

The six skillsets every active leader needs.

Leadership is based on relationships, connections, authenticity, growth, commitment, trustworthiness and the desire to improve; it comes from both the head and the heart.

To keep up with a continually changing environment, leaders must constantly develop and apply new skills, and help others to grow and change their behaviours. It is important they are active leaders and are fully engaged with their teams.

These competencies are built on a passion for success and a commitment to people. They were co-created with our membership, and our thanks go to Keith Best, Fergus Crow, Vicky Dawson, Michelle Hill, Mark Hollingsworth, Peter Lewis and Kate Welch for their insight and input.

Watch the video above, with our member and CEO of The Cellar Trust Kim Shutler-Jones, talking about the importance of having access to these competencies. 

Leaders drive results and are authentic and realistic.They delegate, negotiate and prioritise.They demonstrate good decision-making based on evidence, analysis, consultation and consensus. They take positive risks and make difficult decisions which may require them to step out of their comfort zone.Their mind-set is focused on evaluation and iterative learning, and on finding ways to accelerate change.

Leaders are open, honest communicators.They are creative and embrace change.Their learning culture is based on compassion and companionship and they promote coaching, mentoring and counselling. Leaders are transparent, networked and open to partnership opportunities. They use their energy and enthusiasm to execute dynamic strategic goals, with collaboration and team work.

Leaders are real teachers, driving talent and growth by transparent behaviours.They empower colleagues and help everyone extract capabilities from their learning experiences. They develop talent to achieve higher success, and reach goals and objectives. Leaders aspire to personal growth and support others’ development. Their trust builds connections and appreciation.

Leaders inspire an innovative workforce.They have the power to influence, build on insights, and listen and learn.They take charge of challenging situations, speaking openly and honestly so goals are heard and understood.

Leaders are values driven and prioritise positive employee behaviours.They build the organisation’s vision, for long term goals, and develop effective strategies to turn the vision into reality.This clear and dynamic vision – allied through strategy to effective execution – becomes part of the culture and way of life, so employees can better impact short term goals and long term objectives.

Leaders have the ability to reflect and be self-aware.They take into account individuals’ self-care and well-being (including their own), and therefore the self-care and well-being of the culture as a whole.They ignite people’s passion for their work but don’t ‘burn them out’. Leaders acknowledge and enable the individual (particularly those working under pressure and needing to stay focused) to care for themselves as part of purposeful individual and organisational performance.

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